Nikola Mirotic analyzed the second game of the final against him Real Madrid that he Barcelona will play this Tuesday (22.00 h) before his public, and in which he hopes to win the title. It shows excited, trusts in the power of his team, but asks prudence for the quality of the rival. These are some of the issues he addressed in his appearance:

Excited with being able to win another Barcelona title

“It is a great final, we are very aware of where we are, we are where we wanted to be, in our house, with our audience finally and with great desire and enthusiasm to play this game knowing that if we win we will win a very important title

Enjoying everything that can be enjoyed

“I’m very good, I’m happy, enjoying everything that can be enjoyed. Obviously there is a lot of tension, but I’m fine, looking forward to a great final and I hope I can celebrate another title with Barcelona

Be faithful to your game but respecting your opponent

“Nobody wants to go back to Madrid, it’s obvious. You have to go with great humilityWe know that we play against a very good team that knows how to play this type of game, but we too have experience and we know how to play against them. We must be faithful to our game and try to do it as in the second part of the first game, above all defend. The public will give us that energy. Hope it’s a great day. “

You have to go with great humility, we know that we play against a very good team that knows how to play these types of games

Nikola Mirotic (Barcelona player)

“We have been to all possible finals in all competitions, this was a priority for us and for the club. Being there you will possibly win some finals so for us there is only winning tomorrow. Winning would be a great season, we don’t want to put extra pressure on ourselves. We know what we can and what we should do and you have to start well, not like in the first game. “

Play good defense and control White’s offensive rebound

“I don’t think it’s going to be a game with many streaks, it will be difficult to repeat a 0-17 or something like that. We don’t have to get nervous we must be calm and try to play a good defense, control your offensive rebound … we know what your strengths are. And in attack move the ball and find the hottest man at that moment“.

“I am very excited to be able to lift another title with the Barça shield. I said it when I arrived here, For me the most important thing is the collective titles. It would be a great season to finish with two of the four possible titles. But the work is not done yet. We can and we deserve it, we’ll try to go for it“.

It would be a great season to finish with two of the four possible titles, but the work is not done yet

Nikola Mirotic (Barcelona player)

“It is a pleasure to be with Pau, for me he is more than a partner, he is like a brother to me. See how you are playing and how you are enjoying it’s something amazing. Is to uscarrying a lot on the track and in the locker room. It has come at a key moment for us. “

It is very motivating to play with the public at home, we are not used to it yet, and even if there are only 1,000 people, it seems that there are 6,000. It is something very positive, create a good atmosphere and hopefully they can enjoy. “

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