ANDl madridismo does not forgive that Nikola Mirotic will sign for him Barcelona upon his return from the NBA and probably never will. The Barça power forward is the focus of anger of the white fans in the Classics. This summer there have been several exchanges between the two greats of Spanish basketball: Nico Laprovittola changed Madrid for Barça and Adam Hanga and Thomas HeurtelAfter stopping at ASVEL, they took the airlift in the opposite direction. However, the culé star does not believe that they receive the same treatment as him.

“Not even close. I don’t think any of them are treated like me. They will have it easy“Mirotic assures in an interview in ‘Eurohoops’. And continues saying that” this type of thing has to be a little more normal. The way the Barça fans welcomed me here was incredible. They gave me a lot of love and support from day one, but when you leave Barcelona things are different. But I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last to do that. Can you tell me when was the last time that Barça signed a Real Madrid player and Real Madrid got two Barça players? I can’t think of any other occasion … As you can see, it could be something more normal. “

Mirotic claims to consider himself “one of the best players in Europe because I know what my game is like and the things I can contribute to the team. Last year you could see my level. It could have been better, there is no doubt about that, and I want to be better every year. I will have to step forward every year, especially when you put a team in a position to win. Of course, I feel like a top player in Europe “.

The power forward ended up at Barcelona after rejecting a great offer from the Jazz. From the NBA he confesses that he only misses “playing against the best, those superstars like Durant, Harden, Steph, Giannis … It’s something unforgettable. Playing against LeBron … just incredible. You always want to play these guys, but other than that, I don’t miss the NBA. “

The current MVP of the Endesa League final had a tough year last season. Beyond the coronavirus, he had to overcome some personal problems that he recovered from in the summer. “I’m fine. I had a great summer with my family, doing some personal things, but I really wanted to get back with the team because playing basketball is what makes me happy, I enjoy playing. Not being with the national team allowed me to relax, spend time with my family and now be ready to play and fight for all the titles. “

Last year he debuted his record with Barcelona in the Copa del Rey and later he also won the Endesa League. “Winning two titles is something very big. Barça had not won the ACB League and the Cup in the same season for many years, so we have to be happy about that,” he says, although he warns that “this is a process. Many people He thought that in the first year we would win everything and things don’t work out that way. Our goals will be achieved slowly but surely. ” And he shows his desire to “have a better season than the last. But we have to be humble and smart, step by step.”