ANDhe Barcelona was presented in Murcia with five casualties: Higgins, Jokubaitis, Sanli, Oriola and Davies. He did not care because in the infirmary he did not appear miroticthe best player of the old continent.

Data sheet

  • 87. UCAM Murcia Basketball Club (27+19+14+27): Taylor (25), Davis (19), Rojas (-), Webb (13) and Lima (11) -initial five-, Bellas (-), Malmanis (6), Radovic (-), McFadden (7), Cate (2), Czerapowicz (4) and Vasileiadis (-).
  • 89. Fútbol Club Barcelona (16+26+22+25): Calathes (2), Abrines (-), Exum (17), Mirotic (30) and Nnaji (8) -initial five-, Sergi Martínez (1), Smits (7), Hayes (4), Laprovittola (17) and Kuric (3).

The Montenegrin gave an exhibition again with 30 points who maintains his team as the leader of the domestic competition with one more win than the Madrid.

Despite Mirotic’s inspiration there was suspense until the end because a basket of Davis was able to tie the game at 88, although it was finally a shot of two already UCAM Murcia it was only worth a triple.

the men of Alonso Site They were always ahead in the first two quarters, with a maximum income of 17 points: 25-8.

The trio made up of Webb, Taylor and Davis It was unstoppable for the Barça defense. Jasikeviciuswithout pivots, gave entrance to Nnaji. The young man was not out of tune and was one of the best with his intimidation.

When the ball burned the most, with eight losses in the first 20 minutes, the usual ones appeared: Mirotic, Exum and Laprovittola. Barça, who have long made a living from long-distance shooting, went into the break with seven three-pointers.

That stat helped him stay alive. A partial of 6-20 It left the visitors just one point behind: 29-28. They came to even the score with a tray of Kuric: 42-42.

But the Murcians denied them the lead with an inspired Taylor, who had come off the bench with renewed energy. UCAM forgot that they had more centimeters than their rival and they charged the whole game on the outside line.

Barça’s first advantage

Mirotic advanced for the first time to his with two free throws in the 29th minute: 60-61. The locals paid in excess for the many fouls committed and that allowed their opponent to go to the free kick.

Lima had gone to the bench after committing the fourth personal foul. Barça had a maximum of 67-73 that they knew how to manage until the end. McFadden he missed the hoop in his repeated individual actions.

Malmanis he took out oil under the basket and Saras asked his team for explanations in the dead time. With 75-78, with two minutes to go, Davis stole her wallet laprovittola and left the score 77-78.

At the last minute it was 82-86. McFadden would then miss two of his three free throws and that’s where the victory escaped the Murcians. Barcelona played Mirotic’s card and he was not wrong.