MIrza Teletovic, a former player who played for six seasons in Baskonia (2006-2012) and as many in the NBA (Nets, Suns and Bucks), left professional basketball in 2018 after suffering a series of lung problems. However, recently, Mirza surprised the basketball universe when he confirmed his imminent return to the courts.

His new destination, his hometown team, KK Turbina, a club that participates in the Bosnian second division and with which Teletovic maintains strong personal ties. In addition to keeping many friends, it is also where one of his sons currently trains.

To talk about his return and his current aspirations, Mirza Teletovic answered the call from Radio MARCA Vitoria, revealing that “no door is closed” and not ruling out a future return to elite basketball. “Well, let’s see …”, he confessed to the question of whether he saw himself again in Vitoria to play for Baskonia.

Teletovic plans to participate in the matches that KK Turbina will play next season in the silver category of the Bosnian League. “For me it is nothing new, I had been training with them for a long time. In the end, as a person I am an athlete, I wanted to continue being close to basketball and I continued training every day,” he revealed.

His intention to compete again did not come up suddenly, but had been around his head for a long time: “I had the idea last year, but with the COVID situation and all this, well I decided to put it aside. The coach is the same one who trained me in Tuzla, where I started to play. The League is semi-professional, I want to see where I am, how I feel and if I can play. “

Regarding his physical condition, Mirza affirms that he is very well. “When I finished my career, I knew that if I didn’t take care of myself I could have problems with weight. When I played in Vitoria Pablo [Prigioni] and Fernando [San Emeterio] They called me chubby, “he confesses with a laugh. And he continues:” I take care of myself, I diet and I keep training. I feel good physically. I have no problem, there is no alarm that prevents me from playing, so I am going to start doing it. “

And on whether he maintains his aim in the outside launch, one of his great virtues, Teletovic jokes: “It is like riding a bicycle, you never forget. It is also a matter of head, of mentality.”

Next destination, Vitoria?

Mirza also acknowledged maintaining permanent contact with the sports director of Baskonia, Félix Fernandez, and with many of his teammates during his time in Vitoria. “I usually keep in contact with many players, like Pau [Ribas], Tiago [Splitter], the Chapu, Luis [Scola], Fernando [San Emeterio], Pablo [Prigioni], … “

Asked about a possible return to the elite by the hand of his former team in ACB and Euroleague, Teletovic left all possibilities open: “Let’s see …”, he answered intriguingly. “We all have ambitions. I don’t close any doors. If at a certain moment I look good, and I’m still good, I’ll play. I’m only 35 years old. Pau has returned, and he is 40. Not me, I’m younger,” he concluded between laughs

Via Marca.com