Last Sunday, Mónica Redondo wrote in the history of our Club as the first quarry player to make her debut in the Endesa Women’s League with the colors of Innova-tsn Leganés.

The Madrid player, who plays in the ranks of our Junior A, has been working with our first team since the preseason and, although she already jumped on the court during the friendly preparation matches, it was last Sunday in the match against Tenerife, which would end with victory for ours, when Evaristo Pérez called Mónica to take to the track shortly before halftime.

Following in the footsteps of Amara de Lucas.

And it is that Amara de Lucas has been the great example of the girls of our Quarry. After many years in dynamics with the first team, it would be Nacho García who put her on track for the first time in a Women’s League match and last season, she lived through the historic moment of the rise of our Club from within, becoming an example and benchmark of many players from our quarry who enjoyed an unforgettable season in the stands of the European Pavilion.

The players of the 1st National and Junior A the best support for the Innova-tsn Leganés de Liga Femenina Endesa.

But Monica is not the only player in our Quarry who works with the first team. She is joined by Sara Fernández and Barbara Rodríguez, two Club players who, in addition to playing the 1st National matches, combine their training sessions with those of the first team. Like Carlota Gómez, Queen Ikhiuwu and Zahira Arizmendi, junior players, they also continue their growth by sharing training and collecting advice from players of the stature of Laura García or Imani Tate.

The female Quarry in full growth.

And it is that, after the achievement of the promotion last April and the incorporation of Javier Fort, as head of operations, the female section of our Club has not stopped growing.
In one season, our Women’s Quarry has grown from 9 to 14 teams, a total of more than 150 players who work day by day and who make clear the great future of women’s basketball in our city.

Who will be next?