Ddefinitively, Unicaja has resigned from this acb league. I was warned. Morabanc Andorra came with the knife between their teeth knowing that a defeat would leave them practically out of the playoffs. And after their victory at the Carpena, it is the people of Malaga who, due to their negative dynamics, see eighth place almost impossible. Because on the horizon, in addition to Acunsa GBC, they have a trip to Vitoria and receive Real Madrid. There is nothing when they no longer depend on themselves, they are obliged to win everything and those of the Principality, in addition, have taken the basket average.

But as if it were not with them. From the initial jump, it was Navarro’s pupils who put in the energy and non-negotiable desire with which to pursue objectives. There is the difference in rebounds, key, during the game (16-32). In defense they put muscle and tension from the beginning to close all the gaps. In attack, against a mentally weakened team and inferior in size, they pulled Parakhouski to open the first income: 2-10 in five minutes. In Malaga only Deon Thompson put some self-love. He scored 6 points, neutralized by two triples by Tyson Pérez and by a Senglin who contributed 9 points to seal the first quarter 10-24.

Katsikaris was looking for the reaction of his team by asking them to calm down in the movement of the ball and not lower their arms in their own zone. They understood it when they saw 16 below (10-26). A 7-0 put them back in the game. And 8 consecutive points from Bouteille plus full-court pressure made them believe in the comeback (34-38). There the reaction stopped because this Morabanc has many offensive resources. Hannah woke up, Tyson Pérez accompanied him from the perimeter and returned from the Parakhouski bench. At the break, 37-45.

The balance of forces was the dominant trend after the return to court. Until the locals, pushed by the insistence of Thomas and Thompson, gave them to tighten in defense and cut the opponent’s scoring routes, especially that of Jelinek, who had come out on fire And although the adjustment zone was choked at times by Ibón Navarro, they managed to equal 59 to 2 minutes from the end of the third act and reach the last one alive (64-65).

A triple by Jaime Fernández put the tables back to 72. Dime responded by blocking, rebounding and scoring. Everything he did. And Hannah, who usually cheers up in hot moments, and finished as the top scorer with 20 points. That and a technique to Brizuela sank the Andalusians with a 2-11, marker that put the victory very expensive for those of the Principality (74-83) with 4 minutes to go. They shot with pride, they still have that, but it was not enough because Navarro’s men played with time in favor and with the expulsion of Brizuela for a second technique. Not happy with the victory, Morabanc, which equals Unicaja in the overall balance, also took the basket average (78-81 in the first round). Both are one victory away from the last playoff spot, but with radically opposite feelings.

– Data sheet:

85 – Unicaja (10 + 27 + 27 + 21): Díaz (9), Brizuela (12), Waczynski (2), Thompson (19), Guerrero (-) – starting five- Fernández (9), Alonso (5), Thomas (12), Bouteille (12) and Abromaitis ( 5).

92 – MoraBanc Andorra (24 + 21 + 20 + 27): Hannah (20), Jelinek (9), Pérez (12), Paulí (11), Parakhouski (8) – starting five-, Sy (3), Olumuyiwa (8), Dime (5), García (-), Kulvietis (-), Colom (-) and Senglin (16).

Referees: Perea, Bultó and Mendoza. They eliminated Brizuela for five personal fouls.

Incidents: Postponed match corresponding to the thirtieth day of the Endesa League played at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace behind closed doors.

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