MoraBanc managed to make its debut this season in the Endesa League, by beating Gran Canaria 87-71. Those of the Principality only suffered in the second quarter and a part of the third, against a Gran Canaria that showed many ups and downs. The call of attention of the president of MoraBanc, Gorka Aixàs, to his players gave its blow of effect. Ibon Navarro’s men asphyxiated Gran Canaria in the first quarter. Defense to the limit that unhinged those of Porfi Fisac ??and rapid transitions in attack.

And that those of the Principality could not have their bases Sergi García and Clevin Hannah due to injury. From 2 to 4 initial for the visitors it went to 12 to 4 and Porfi Fisac ??received his first technique for protesting. Those of Ibon Navarro managed to get away with a 25 to 10 and Porfi Fisac ??had to go to the stands for a second technique that left Víctor García at the controls. The first quarter ended with 35 to 17 in favor of an extra motivated MoraBanc.

Gran Canaria squeezed in the second half

In the second half Gran Canaria woke up. The visitors gritted their teeth in defense and punished the locals with a partial of 3 to 9 to place the 38 to 27. Dylan Ennis, ex-MoraBanc, led the part of the Fisac. Navarro’s men never let go and had the success of Miller-McIntyre and ‘Drew’ Crawford. Even so, the break was reached with a 48 to 38 and a final set of 13 to 21.

Distrust once again gripped MoraBanc Andorra with a partial from Gran Canaria from 1 to 10 with two triples from Dylan Ennis that placed 49 to 48. Three minutes into the third quarter, Ibon Navarro admitted the ‘injured’ Clevin Hannah. Gran Canario managed to be ahead in the electronic from 2 to 4 that did not happenBut a triple from Hannah and four consecutive points from ‘temp’ Victor Arteaga left 60-57 at the end of the third quarter.

In the last quarter the best version of MoraBanc Andorra appeared again. Those of Ibon Navarro offered the same as in the first quarter: defensive intensity and fast offensive transitions. The final set was from 14 to 5 with two final triples by David Jelínek that sentenced the final victory with 87-71.


  • 87- MoraBanc Andorra (35 + 13 + 12 + 27): Miller-McIntyre (9), Jelínek (13), ‘Drew’ Crawford (13), Noua (11) and ‘Tunde’ (4) -the starting quintet-; Víctor Arteaga (12), Oriol Paulí (5), Mario Nakic (5), Morgan (8), Guille Colom (-), Moussa Diagne (2) and Hannah (5).
  • 71- Gran Canaria (17 + 21 + 19 + 14): Albicy (1), Dylan Ennis (15), Nico Brussino (8), John Shurna (4) and Pustovyi (16) -the starting five-; AJ Slaughter (4), Kramer (4), Oliver Stevic (4), Ilimane Diop (8), Miquel Salvó (5) and Khalifa Diop (2).
  • Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Alberto Sánchez Sixto and Esperanza Mendoza. Gran Canaria coach Porfi Fisac ??was disqualified with two techniques. Eliminated for five personal fouls by ‘Drew’ Crawford -MoraBanc-.
  • Incidents: Sports Center of Andorra. 2,054 spectators.