ANDhe match of this day at Carpena will not be just any one. The Los Guindos team receives Casademont Zaragoza in a clash that in itself has a lot of history. We must not forget that the maños appear in many of Unicaja’s nightmares in recent times and that the defeat in the last 16 of the 2014 Copa del Rey organized by the Costa del Sol is still remembered by the city. The game is morbid because Luis Casimiro, Unicaja coach, returns with the Aragonese team until last January 20.

The La Mancha coach returns with a team whose arrival has been resurrected after seven consecutive defeats. His arrival has reactivated Zaragoza, which has added two victories in a row, one with him in the stands and another with his figure already on the bench. The absence of an audience will take away some of the excitement when Casimiro’s return to Malaga after the resounding failure of his Unicaja in this 2020-2021 campaign. The Ciudad Real coach left Unicaja classified for the Cup but outside the top eight in the Endesa League. In addition, the aspirations of the people of Malaga in the Eurocup were already null in the Top 16.

To give the clash a little more morbid, there is also some referee controversy. Carlos Cortés, one of the three referees of the controversial match of the last Copa del Rey against Barça, meets again this Saturday with the Malacitano team. He will be the main referee of the match at Carpena against this Saturday. The referee will be accompanied by Martínez Fernández and García González. In Malaga there is still a foul by Brandon Davies on Tim Abromaitis that prevented the Los Guindos team from eliminating the current champion from the KO competition. Strolling through the city you can see some of the shirts that the club sold in a promotion entitled “It was two plus one.”

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