Protocols, security measures, social distance … The fight against Covid-19 remains very present in the dispute of an LF Endesa Super Cup in which no other measure will be as effective as the one promoted by the mothers of Paola Ferrari and Cristina Ouviña. Specifically with the development of personalized necklaces for transporting the Tenerife and Valencia Basket masks.


The four leading teams in the LF Endesa Super Cup begin to approach their concentration hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and do so surrounded by those security measures that, for a year and a half, have been ensuring the safety of their day-to-day life.

Test of antigens, hydroalcoholic gels, masks or safety distances that, over the months, have been perpetuated in team routines in which their players have been able to even find a certain point of innovation.

And if not that you tell Tenerife, the host team of a tournament in which the Canarian players have been carried away by the extra dose of protection that came from the hands of Gladys Yegros, making good that saying that says that “Mother there is only one”.

Because this architect by profession and mother of Paola Ferrari out of devotion, did not want to let her daughter set course for the LF Endesa Super Cup without carrying in her suitcase some necklaces of her own making with which to have the mask in her possession at all times.

A concern that emerged in the previous weeks as Paola herself explains: “Throughout the summer my mother had become fond of making mask necklaces. It started a bit as a hobby, buying the balls and making different models for the family and for some friends and, when he found out about my signing for Clarinos, he began to make more personalized ones. He gave them the colors of the club and even the name of each one so that we could have them identified at all times “.

A whole anti-Covid present that is present in each and every one of the players of the Canarian team: “When I arrived, I distributed them with the companions and they liked them very much because it is a very nice accessory, which also has our colors and they have a lot of work behind it since you have to make it ball by ball. It is useful because it allows us to have the mask hanging and controlled without forgetting it when we remove it and, furthermore, it identifies us a lot as a team “.

An element that may very soon be a trend in the final stretch of the pandemic and that has reached the Valencia Basket locker room in the same way.

In this case, via mother, by a Cristina Ouviña who gave her classmates the most innovative complement of the course: “It was a friend of my mother’s who made them and gave us this very useful accessory. She made personalized necklaces for all the teammates and members of the coaching staff and gave them to us so that we could wear them from the first day of preseason ”.

A “tailoring” effort so that the Valencian squad could preserve their health for the new season, as explained by the Aragonese base itself: “The truth is that it is really useful because it is easy that when you go to have a coffee you are not careful and put the mask on the table or leave it anywhere. In this way, it always remains hanging from you and does not rub against surfaces, which makes it more hygienic and that we are all a little more protected “.

Without a doubt, the best way to face, with an extra guarantee, a course in which LF Endesa will continue to guard against Covid-19.

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