Eighth piece confirmed for the Movistar Estudiantes men’s squad and third youth squad – fourth if we count veteran Javi Beirán – who will face the challenge of the LEB Oro: Rubén Domínguez (guard, 1.97m, Puerto Real, 2003).

In Movistar Estudiantes since cadet age, the Spanish international U19M already made his debut last season in the first collegiate team: he participated in a total of 6 games in the Endesa League. He combined aid to “the elderly” with the Liga EBA subsidiary, with whom he stood out in the Final Phase in which they achieved promotion to LEB Plata.

The good year, individually, for the Cadiz guard was completed with a very prominent role this summer in the U19M World Cup. The Spanish team, which also included the schoolboys Héctor Alderete and Hugo López, achieved fifth place and Rubén Domínguez was the second highest scorer of the tournament, with 18.7 points per game.

Domínguez is one of the players who opted to continue their training at Movistar Estudiantes due to the club’s youth infrastructure. In his case, he lives in the Players’ Residence which, thanks to the Sports and Education Support Plan of the sponsoring partner, Movistar, operates in the facilities of the Santo Ángel School in Madrid (Arenales Red Educativa). Therefore, it is not surprising that Rubén was one of the faces of the announcement of the expansion of this determined support for training basketball by Movistar.

What are your first feelings when you get to the Movistar Estudiantes first team?

The first feeling is one of great joy, satisfaction and gratitude towards the club for betting on me, since I have been away from home since I was very young to achieve this dream that Estudiantes is making come true. So full satisfaction and thanks to the club for trusting me in difficult times.

What do you expect from this year, collectively and individually?

Collectively, I hope, like all the fans and the whole team, promotion, for which we will all fight from humility and recognizing that LEB Oro is a league that is of a high level and that we must respect.
And on an individual level, I would say that a year is coming for me that will be very fruitful: training daily with a technical team and with colleagues of such a high level I am sure that I will take a big step forward in my training, making the most of the minutes on the track and contributing everything I can. I believe that I can play a good role and that I am ready to contribute despite my youth.

The club has an ambitious goal, but it faces it with humility, what do you expect from LEB Oro?

I think it will be a league, as I said before, of a high level. We are going to work hard so that this year is the last and only one in the LEB Oro, my goal like that of the club is to promote yes or yes, although we know that in this league they will not give us anything.

What does it mean for you, who have arrived very young to complete your training at Movistar Estudiantes, that the club bets on you in a season with such a complicated challenge?

For me, it is the highest recognition of my work during all this time that I have been at Movistar Estudiantes. Thanks to them I have reached the level I am at, and the culmination of so much sacrifice and discipline.
My training is not finished, I have to continue improving many aspects of my game, and that the club bet on me in such difficult moments fills me with pride and gratitude, and I will give it back through work.

What do you hope to learn from players with the experience of Javi Beirán or Nacho Martín?

They are two colleagues that I will be listening to every day due to their talent and seniority. I think they will bring me a lot of maturity and I think that is the main thing that I have to implement over time in my game.

The Technical Secretary of the Movistar Estudiantes first men’s team, Íñigo de la Villa, explains that “after a year of combining the first team and the subsidiary, even though he is a junior, Rubén makes the final leap to the first team”.

He defines him as “a competitive player, and even being very young with many satisfactory international experiences behind him. He has great ability to score and generate, he must continue taking steps forward and we are convinced that he will do so for the team’s sake ”.