We should have known a few weeks ago the name of the two teams that were going to fight for the first official title of the season in the LEB Gold Leaguebut the incidence of Covid-19 -through its sixth wave- wanted that unknown to last a few more weeks.

A path that has begun to be clarified over the last week thanks to the six friendly matches played between the teams in the noble zone and which have served to rule out different candidates, granting in turn the first ticket to the dispute of the final .

And it is that, with his victory in San Sebastian on Wednesday night, the Movistar Students mathematically certified a classification that they had virtually possessed during the last games. In this way, the set of Jota Cuspinera will opt for the conquest of the title, now pending two new unknowns: the name of his rival and the playing field.

Although, luckily for their interests, the latter could be resolved this very Sunday in their favor if they defeat a EasyCharger Palencia which will rush your last sorting options. An equation in which the Coviran Granada part with an advantage to act as a rival and in which the ICG Força Lleida could even fight for first place through a succession of conditions.

Therefore, we analyze below the possibilities that each team has while waiting for their last postponed matches:

Princess of Asturias Cup 2022
Position Team played victories defeats + / –
one Movistar Students 16 14 two + 143
two Coviran Granada 16 12 4 + 126
9 ICG Força Lleida 13 10 3 + 45
eleven EasyCharger Palencia 13 9 4 + 58
– Date:
Saturday 2 / Sunday April 3, 2022
– Organizer: The leading team at the end of the 1st round
– Visitor: The team ranked second at the end of the 1st round


The school team has known how to do its homework throughout the first round of competition and this has allowed Jota Cuspinera’s team to be able to secure their ticket to the final. Of course, for the moment, pending destination. Because in order to play the Cup at home, Movistar Estudiantes will have to beat EasyCharger Palencia this Sunday. If this happens, the team would secure the cup organization at the Wizink Center regardless of third party results as no other team could match their winning record (15-2).

That yes, in case of defeat in the Municipal of Palencia, the people of Madrid would have to look askance at Barris Nord in Lleida where a defeat from Lleida at the hands of Unicaja Oviedo would also give them the cup organization. Because the only account that would win the WiZink Center Cup would go through a defeat in Palencia and four wins for ICG Força Lleida in their four postponed duels, in turn recovering a 98-point disadvantage over the Madrid team throughout these four games.

J.15: EasyCharger Palencia vs Movistar Students (13F-12:30h)


With no chance of being able to access the Cup as first place, Covirán Granada remains firm in second place while waiting for their last match. Because Pablo Pin’s men will close this Sunday the first round at the Municipal de Almansa where a victory would put a total of 13 victories in the Nasrid locker. And, in that case, nothing would interest the Andalusian team more than a victory for Movistar Estudiantes in Palencia, which would thus rule out the Castilian-Leonese team as a rival, leaving only ICG Força Lleida pending.

Because, in their four remaining matches, the team from Lleida would have to reduce between 2 and 3 victories over Covirán Granada (depending on the double match on Sunday) to be able to take second place from them. Of course, in case of a tie, the general average notably favors the southern team who, at the moment, has a cushion of +81 points over the Catalans.

J.16: CB Almansa with Afanion vs Covirán Granada (13F – 12:30 p.m.)


They have been, without any doubt, the main entertainer of the competition during the first round and, for this reason, Gerard Find’s team has earned the right to depend on itself in these last days. Because, with 4 games postponed, the people from Lleida will be in the Cup if they achieve a full victories and could even dream of their organization in case Movistar Estudiantes falls in Palencia. In that case, four victories and the favorable direct average over the Madrid team (-98) would mean their passport to the fight for the title at the Espai Fruita Barris Nord. Complicated, but mathematically possible.

Something simpler would be the way to the Cup through second place. Because, waiting for what Covirán Granada does in their last game, the Catalans would have four finals in which they would have to achieve between 3 and 4 wins. If Covirán falls in Almansa, three would be enough, but if he wins, ICG Força Lleida should look for a fourth victory so as not to depend on a general average that favors the Andalusians by 81 points in their direct comparison.

J.13: EasyCharger Palencia vs ICG Força Lleida (16F – 8:30 p.m.)
ICG Força Lleida vs. Unicaja Banco Oviedo (13F – 12:30 p.m.)
Palmer AM Palma vs ICG Força Lleida (3M – 8:30 p.m.)
ICG Força Lleida vs. Melilla Sport Capital (9M – 8:00 p.m.)


One way or another, what happens in the last four matches of EasyCharger Palencia is going to end up turning Pedro Rivero’s men into judges of the cup standings. Because, in the event that their chances were exhausted either in the first assault or in the second, the Palencians would still have to face direct duels in which they could condition the classification of their rivals.

Although the accounts seem clear if the Castilian-Leonese team wants to be in a final again. For this to happen, Pedro Rivero’s men will have to win between three and four games, depending on the result of Covirán Granada in their visit to Almansa. Although the safest option would go through the four games, which would allow saving the -68 difference in the general average with the Andalusians. That full of triumphs would bring associated a defeat of ICG Força Lleida in their direct duel so that the team from Lleida could opt for a maximum of 13 victories just like the Palencians and pending both teams from a general average that favors EasyCharger by +13 points Palencia. A difference that could be decisive for one side or the other.

J.13: EasyCharger Palencia vs ICG Força Lleida (16F – 8:30 p.m.)
Melilla Sport Capital vs EasyCharger Palencia (26F -19:30h)
EasyCharger Palencia vs Movistar Students (13F-12:30h)
J.17: EasyCharger Palencia vs. Juaristi ISB (2M – 8:30 p.m.)