ANDhe Movistar Estudiantes and Bilbao Basket are playing to stay alive in ACB. Both teams are tied at 9 victories, but the Bilbaoans have 2 games pending for 1 of the collegians. The technician of the Basques, Álex Mumbrú, went through the microphones of Radio MARCA in the decisive week for permanence.

“When you are one of the worst budgets in the league you know you run the risk of one year being able to go down, but the premise of the club is to be solvent and a great victim is the construction of the team budgetary speaking. I don’t think it’s any drama downgrading, but we don’t want it to happen “he explained.

Mumbrú is experiencing a very atypical season with a multitude of problems in his third year on the bench. “We have had many problems this season and in teams of 14 or 15 players they are less noticeable, but we suffer more. The premise of the directive has always been to end the debt without going crazy and knowing that we were taking risks “, valued.

Bilbao Basket has always been characterized as a team with a loyal following, which is one of the keys to the good results of past seasons. “It is true that all the teams have been without an audience, but it is our worst year at home and not having an audience affects you a lot. We have stayed all season in the 5, it has cost us a lot to build a team, we have lacked regularity and this makes you learn and teaches you a lot, “he acknowledged.

He immediately jumped from the court to the benches and in less than three seasons he has been able to rise from LEB Oro, play a Copa del Rey and achieve permanence, a job that is already attracting attention. “What I only think is in the immediate future. I have lived many things in 3 years as a coach, “he concluded.

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