LThe Malagans once again show an unworthy image of a professional team and fall on Galician lands with total justice. The difference in intensity was key in the future and final result of a clash in which Kalinoski and Musa, after their trachea operation and probably in their last game in Lugo, made a difference.

The beginning of the premises was a declaration of intent. The Unicaja did not react, it was always in tow and the Galicians saw the open sky. A partial of 29-12. The match ended there. After ten minutes of meeting. Sad but true.

The script was traced to the first quarter. Breogan was running the game, the clock, the game and the points. It was a matter of minutes for the party to arrive for the locals (45-22). The Unicaja, a decal of what an Endesa League team should be. Doubled up and outplayed by a pitched Breogán that could do a lot of damage.

Scandalous score at halftime (55-32) and despite the slight makeup of Brizuela and Alberto Díaz, Ibon Navarro’s men were a puppet. He did not change the locker room lap. The Galicians shouted Musa MVP and Unicaja almost fell from 30 points (61-34). A good triple by Jaime closed the fourth, but the slab was impossible to lift (77-56).

The last quarter: minutes of garbage and makeup. Breogán relaxed excessively. Unicaja pulled resources and lowered the rent (77-61). Musa made an appearance with a 2+1, but the people from Malaga showed a bit of courage. Answer on the floor and a partial of 5-19 (83-72), still with five minutes to play. Insufficient time for the Malaga machada. Again Musa and his squires, among them, Lukovic who from the corner signed the death certificate of the Malaga (93-84).

Point and end for the most embarrassing season of the people of Malaga in its most recent history. Musa, a local hero, probably left with a standing ovation as he almost certainly played his last minutes at the Pazo.

Data sheet:

93 – Breogan River (29+26+22+16): Kalinoski (17), Musa (24), Lukovic (13), Sakho (11), Erik Quintela (-) -initial five-, Mahalbasic (13), Sergi Quintela (-), Kacinas (2), Iván Cruz (13 ), Ubal (-).

84 – Unibox (12+20+24+28): Oliver (10), Barreiro (5), Brizuela (21), Díaz (3), Kravic (2) -initial five-, Mooney (9), Nzosa (6), Jaime Fernández (17), Alonso (5), Abromaitis (-), Guerrero (2), Bouteille (4).

Referee: Rafael Serrano, Jorge Martinez and Carlos Merino. They eliminated Jaime Fernández (m.34), from Unicaja.

Incidents: Matchday 34 of the Endesa League played at the Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo in front of 4,237 fans. Before the game, a minute of silence was observed in memory of Manuel Jato, a former basketball player and coach.