From the club we wish Natxo every success and good luck in his new professional projects, which we are sure will be.

Below you can read the farewell letter that Lezkano has addressed to all the levels that make up the club.

Natxo Lezkano: In March 2020 I arrived in Oviedo with great desire and enthusiasm and grateful to the OCB for giving me the opportunity to work in a club like this one.

I found an excellent human group; involved and eager to work. Unfortunately, the pandemic came and sent us all home.

The following season, the financial situation of the club changed drastically and we had to make a young and inexperienced team. It was a unique season; with a very good game (too bad the fans couldn’t see us live because of Covid) and results, in which we learned a lot and that taught us to be truly resilient.

This last season we have had many problems from the beginning but we have been overcoming them with patience, hard work and a positive attitude; which I think has struck a chord with all of us who make up the club. We are better now.

After a time of reflection and much to my regret, it’s time to leave. Not without first thanking the club for their interest in renewing me. I feel loved and valued.

I leave sad but with a deep feeling of having given everything. They have been very hard seasons but very satisfactory at all levels. Professionally, things could not have turned out better, given the resources we had; and personally, I have been lucky enough to meet wonderful people, both inside and outside the club, who have made these two years in Oviedo unforgettable for me.

Thanks to Fernando and Héctor, for trusting me.

Thanks to all the members of the club: directors, coaching staff, medical staff and players. Your involvement, work, effort and talent have made these two very difficult seasons a success.
Thanks to the media for the respect and treatment received.

And finally, thanks to the fans of the OCB. Your expressions of affection are a priceless gift that I take with me.

I say goodbye, not without first demanding more support for the club. The work they are doing for the city is impressive and it would be a tragedy if they stopped doing it for lack of means.


Once OCB, forever OCB.