Florentino Pérez did not want to miss the white basketball party. Or what is the same, a new final in the Laso era. And they go … The whites managed to overcome adversity again in the form of casualties and beat a Valencia Basket that feared arbitration pressure that did not exist.

The game was decided by the basketball that one and the other practiced, but not by the decisions of the college trio that, fortunately, went completely unnoticed despite the tension of the crash. Not even when the 1,500 scarves present in the WiZink called for fouls that not even the bench claimed. That was the best news: the whistles went unnoticed.

And it was not for lack of pressure, because in the art of protesting we are all experts. Not even with a possible valid Poirier block that ended up being a basket when all the white bench ensured that the ball was not falling.

The pressure battle during the first half resulted in an equality both in the number and in the protests: Valencia got up to show their disagreement with Taylor’s possible lack of Labeyrie while shooting and the Madrid bench got up to demand some Dubljevic steps before Prepelic hit a triple.

The worst moment of the first half came in the absence of a minute with a foul from Carroll to Vives that angered the audience. Even more so when the referees ordered the Taronja player to repeat the second free kick. The atmosphere was heating up for moments before reaching the break, which came in handy to cool down the spirits in 20 minutes that ended with 10 fouls indicated to the visitors by nine of the locals.

Everything seemed to change at the beginning of the second half. 0-3 of partial for the visitors with the third fault of Derrick Williams, much discussed by the entire orange team, whose spirits were further ignited when they protested a possible unsportsmanlike Garuba that the referees re-refereed giving the reason to the Ponsarnau girl.

The atmosphere got even hotter just two minutes later. Llull made one of his impossible shots, a triple almost from the ground, and the referees did not validate the action, understanding that the foul had been earlier, which caused the anger of the respectable who did not understand what had just happened. The Balearic escort either. The protest scoreboard was even. The same as fouls (14 against Real Madrid, 16 against Valencia).

10 minutes left. The last of the season for one of the two teams. The pressure, if there was any at any time, was reserved for this set.

The act began with Valencia hardening the defense on Poirier, although there was not the fault that the Frenchman demanded. Nor was there an out in a Rudy recovery as requested by Ponsarnau. Conde, Peruga and Aliaga still did not have a leading role. Better for everyone.

In that last quarter, the whites committed five fouls, all well marked, in just five minutes, which weighed down the toughness of their defense for the next 120 seconds. Valencia, with zero on their scoreboard, could afford the odd luxury. In fact, his first foul came with 4:19 left. The second of the quarter was one of Kalinic attempting to move Tavares into a block. Mission impossible despite protesting. The same as Causeur’s claim in the absence of two minutes before a foul on Dubljevic. The party, despite the tension and some more protests, had neither pressure nor controversy despite what many will say.

Via Marca.com