Crespí showed great potential in her first season in LF2, being an important player for the team with more than 19 minutes on average per game with an average of 4.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game. one of the best in that facet of the entire competition.

Formed in the lower categories of Club Sant Josep and a regular in regional training teams, Nerea Crespí is one of the island’s future players of the present and future.

Good three-point hand and lethal in the open field, in addition to having a great ability to steal the ball. Crespí will bring youth and impudence to the team so that the group takes a step forward in its second season in the competition.

Álex Requeni on the renewal of Nerea Crespí:

“Despite her youth, Nerea’s impact has been very positive on the team. He has competed with bases with a lot of experience and some of his age and has been at the height, I am sure that this year he will maintain that progression and we will refine the details in which it is more irregular so that they become a basis for the present and the future.

Very happy that a player trained at home can be in the first team, it has to be a mirror in which the new generations look at themselves and see that by working hard they can get there. “

Nerea Crespí on her renewal:

“Very grateful to the club and the coaching staff for counting on me next year. With great enthusiasm and eager to start the season. And delighted to be racing in Lf2 again. ”