I was talking to Alba, it has been very cool to meet her because I have always seen her from the screen and I have seen her as a leader for many years. When she opened up to me and I really got to know her, she enchanted me as a person”, recounts debutant Nerea Hermosa (Álava, 2000) in this report. “I have told her that I would like to be like her, that she is my reference. She has told me that everyone has their way. If mine is not the same, it does not mean that it is neither better nor worse”.

The center fulfills a dream by reaching a concentration with the Absolute Spanish Selection. But she is well aware of those who have helped her get here. “It has helped me a lot to feel that my coaches trust me, especially when you are little”.

In addition to mentioning the coaching staff, for Nerea it has been essential to feel the presence of her family despite the distance. “They have supported me since I left home at the age of 14 and have always been trying to see me as much as possible”.

I have dreams but I like to live day by day. I know that I want to continue improving as a player and I’m going to give everything to make it so, but I’m also clear that I have to be happy with what I do, which is basketball. If I get it right, if not, then I will be satisfied because I know I will have given everything to do it”, he has sentenced.