Save Guard He remembered his times as a player and showed that he still lives basketball with the same passion as when he was active. The second coach of the Urbas Fuenlabrada left one of the images of the season during the third quarter of the match between the Madrid team and the San Pablo Burgos.

A possible foul on Bagayoko was the trigger that ignited the coach, who ended up throwing his jacket in the middle of the court while he continued to protest to the referees. Guardia ended up being sent off as he continued his protests, while emboldening his player on his way to the locker room.

Along with Guardia, the first coach of the Fuenlabran team was also expelled, Josep María Raventós, who complained after the defeat against Hereda San Pablo Burgos (91-96) in which he was expelled for disqualifying technique in the 25th minute for protesting an action that his rivals “never reach a ‘bonus'” because they do not signal as many fouls against them as their team.

“I cannot assess the game, I have been half out, what I can assess is that the teams that play against Fuenlabrada never reach the ‘bonus’, they defend strong or they do not defend strong, this is what I cannot understand . In this way it is very difficult to compete against anyone. I do not understand that the rival team is pressuring you, pressing, and there is no fault, “said the Barcelona coach of Urbas.

The Fuenlabrada coach did not want to focus on the action that caused his expulsion – a grab by the Nigerian Suleiman Braimoh on the young Malian from Fuenlabrada, Bassala Bagayoko (15 years old), who was not identified as a fault -, but said that there were “many actions “. “I cannot understand this disparity of criteria,” he insisted.