QEU in the Classics the trajectories do not matter was demonstrated again in the triumph of a Barcelona who arrived touched WiZink Center In front of a Real Madrid thrown out. The azulgranas almost always dominated the pace, defended better, took care of the ball (four losses) and were more successful from the triple (10/18). They unquestionably beat the whites, who arrived having won 21 of their last 22 games. The defeat was precisely in another Classic, the Euroleague.

Data sheet

  • 75 – Real Madrid (24+16+14+21): Williams-Goss (7), Abalde (8), Tavares (12), Yabusele (7) and Taylor (8) -five starting-, Randolph, Heurtel (4 ), Rudy (3), Hanga (3), Deck (4), Poirier (8) and Llull (11).
  • 85 – Barça (18+24+21+22): Sanli (17), Smits (3), Laprovittola (9), Kuric (17) and Calathes (4) -five starting-, Davies (8), Martínez, Hayes , Higgins (8), Jokubaitis (6) and Mirotic (13).

Barça’s triumph gives life to the regular season of the Endesa League, because it prevents an escape from its great rival that could be definitive. Madrid only added one defeat and had won 10 games in a row in the domestic competition, but saw their streak broken a few dates from the Copa del Rey, where no one would be surprised if the two greats of Spanish basketball meet again.

Nico Laprovittola and Niko Mirotic They played an important role in what was once their home. The first took the helm of his team with discretion and added nine points, five rebounds and six assists. The secondbelow its usual level (13 points) after recently overcoming the coronavirus, he scored the triple that sentenced the clash with 23 seconds to go. In each Classic he has his large share of prominence.

The azulgranas punished the errors of Madrid with precision and there they began to win the match. The 13 white losses translated into 11 points for their rival and the offensive rebounds conceded in the third quarter were decisive for Barça to open a gap that already in the last act reached a maximum of 12 points (56-68).

Sertac Sanli had become huge despite the presence of Walter Tavares, who returned after overcoming COVID-19. The Turk finished with 17 points, putting the giant out of place and lighting a magnet for the rebound. Too Brandon Davis surpassed at times Vincent Poirier. Y Guerschon Yabusele he tiptoed back through another Clásico. If the inside game, the strong point of the madridistas, fails and their rival has more success outside… Kyle Curic was just as decisive (17 points).

Real Madrid and its fighting spirit

Madrid only felt somewhat comfortable in the first quarterwhen Tavares, the best of his team (12 points), prevailed in the paint and the team dominated the rebound. Also when he launched himself in search of another epic comeback like the Endesa Super Cup. It was four minutes in which they reduced the difference from 12 points to just two with a partial of 10-0 (66-68). Whites never lack fighting spirit.

Madrid was applied in defense with Rudy Fernandez and Alberto Abalde biting, Nigel Williams-Goss striking in attack and gabriel deck on track despite being a newcomer and occupying the non-community position of Trey Thompson. Rudy missed a triple to complete the comeback. Then the mistakes and the forced shots against the Barça defense returned. A foul in attack by Abalde with a subsequent technique to the bench was the beginning of the end for locals.

The azulgranas endured that bad time based on free kicks. From Roland Smits’ triple that set the maximum with 6:33 to go to Mirotic’s with 23 seconds to go, the azulgranas only scored from the free throw line. They were 10 life points to avoid the local arreones, which lasted until the Barça star hit with his decisive shot. It wasn’t his best performance in a Clásico, but he left his mark again.

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