Lto race of Nikola Mirotic it is full of controversial decisions. As a 14-year-old boy he left Montenegro to sign for him Madrid. In 2010, he was nationalized spanish giving up playing with his native country. In his first returns to Podgorica they awaited him with nails and hard written messages on some ruined facade. In 2014, he went to the NBA leaving the white club in an improvable way, in which he was already one of the references. In 2019, he decided to leave the American League after going through the Bulls, the Pelicans and the Bucks in just five seasons and despite having a succulent offer from the Jazz.

Mirotic: “We have put Barça where it deserves”

And that same summer, she got engaged to him Barcelona. That made more noise than all of the above put together. “Coming cost me several friends. More than I thought, “he said before the Final four on his arrival at the Barça team. All those steps have taken him to where he is now, with 30 years. The top of Endesa League and the Mvp.

It is his second league title after winning with Madrid in 2013. It is also his second trophy as a Barça player after winning the Copa del Rey. However, it is the first in which he shows his extraordinary level in transcendental matches. Because Niko was always haunted by the fame of wrinkling in hot encounters. His performance contradicts that: 27 points, his top scorer of the season in the Endesa League, and a PIR of 35. And a desire and an intensity as if I had pending accounts.

I had them with destiny. Because the award comes to Mirotic after the most difficult season of his career. And not because of events on the track. Contracted the coronavirus and the symptoms made him have a terrible time. Later a serious family problem made him miss a good number of games. “I’m so happy … My wife and two children are seeing me here for the first time,” he said excitedly.

Despite everything that happened, the power forward has performed at a high level for most of the season. He was the most valued player in the regular phase of the Euroleague and was at the top in the domestic competition. Then he floundered in the playoff series against him Zenith and in the Final Four he only shone in the semifinals. In the series for the Endesa League title it was intermittent until on day D, at hour H he had his catharsis match. His decisions and an overflowing quality have led him to the MVP. “We have played four finals and we have won two titles, but what? Next year we will win more,” he declared with ambition.

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