TOndrés ‘Chapu’ Nocioni, former Argentine basketball player, went through the microphones of Radio MARCA to analyze the actuality and the proper names of the actuality of basketball.

Argentina FIBA ??Windows: “It fills me with joy and pride to see Carlos Delfino again in the national team. Very happy for everything he has had to go through. He is in a new process with Néstor García, who is a very high-level coach for the national team.”

Deck in the NBA: “He has to be patient and work, which is the only thing he can control, he has to try to earn his place. Another issue is how do you go to the NBA. I think the NBA has to come and find you with something solid. Sometimes players rush to the NBA and that’s not a good thing. Many times what Europe can give the player is greatly underestimated and that is being lost a bit. Many are going to play in the G-League, which is not a talent developer but is a set-up for players who do not have minutes. “

Laprovittola signing for Barcelona: “It doesn’t surprise me because Nico was free and had the right to sign for whatever team he considered. It is normal that the fans do not like that the eternal rival goes away, but it is something that has happened with many players and it went well. Many times you have to make decisions that leave passion aside. Nico has signed for a team that aspires to everything, just like Real Madrid. Hopefully now Madrid do better than Barça “.

Real Madrid: “I see it well, very solid, he has put together a great team with the signings and Pablo Laso knows how to manage and make the team work. They are doing very well and there they are fighting with their eternal rival in all competitions. I see a very interesting and emotional year to enjoy it.

Miss Basketball: “Playing and being under the pressure of the competition I don’t miss it very much, what I miss is the dressing room and talking to people around basketball. There we lose our nature a bit. I don’t see myself as a coach or working on a bench. I am calm, with my family, with the businesses and commenting on the NBA on ESPN. “

Carroll: “It is a personal decision. As a fan and as someone who loves Jaycee, I would like him to come back and have a goodbye as he deserves, but everyone makes the decision they need to make. What he decides will be fine because you have to put yourself on the player’s side. I wish him the best and I am looking forward to his decision. “

Departure of Dusko Ivanovic from Baskonia: “Baskonia sometimes makes drastic decisions, the board is not very patient. They cut through the easier branch which is the coach. In Baskonia everyone appreciates Dusko very much. Baskonia does not let the seasons go by and tries to regenerate quickly and be a competitive team. You always have to be competitive for the sake of competitions. “