ORNicaragua arrives at the WiZink Center at a good time. Those of Katsikaris have gotten up after having their knee on the ground. A series of victories that make the Costa del Sol come to the capital of the Kingdom with the illusion of getting the machado and winning Real Madrid 2 and a half years later. For this they will need all their players to be at their best. One of them is Norris Cole, one of the franchise players of the Los Guindos club. The North American point guard arrives surrounded by an aura of debate that has been alive since he donned the composer team shirt.

A week ago, in the preview of the match against Betis, Juanma Rodríguez, Unicaja’s sports director, left a message to the player in an interview with La Opinion de Málaga. “There are some attitudes about him that I do not like. As long as I am a sports director, the team will be above any player and any attitude. We are not happy with his behavior. I hope that Cole understands and changes. I like the players with character and winners, but who know how to use those attitudes well, “said the manager of the transfers at Martín Carpena. A few words that he had also ratified days before Katsikaris in his interview with MARCA.

After the game in Seville, Norris Cole seems to have got the message. His game against Luis Casimiro’s team was the best of the season. 20 points, a PIR of 19, 100% success in triples with 9 points from the perimeter and a great collection of assistance in the Municipal de San Pablo. The doubts seem clear and the best version of him is expected at Carpena to reach the Copa del Rey in Granada.

Katsikaris, the first of the optimists

The Hellenic technician is the first who believes that his people can surprise. “It escaped us in Vitoria and against Barça we were close. You are more motivated when you play against a better team, that happens to everyone. It is a sign that we can compete against anyone, we can win. You can also lose if you don’t play. Good. Motivation is higher when you compete against a Euroleague team. We have a talent that can face the best, “he told the media in a press room.

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