Yannick Nzosa It is one of the positive facts that the amateur composer can grasp in this complicated 2020-2021 season. The Congolese pivot has proposed to tear down all the walls that can get in your way. At his 17th birthday last November, Nzosa responds as if he were a veteran. Its precocity has no limits and it has been proving it this way. since he made his debut with the Los Guindos team at the hands of Luis Casimiro. His two blocks against FC Barcelona last Tuesday have placed him as the player under 18 years of age with the most blocks in the ACB.

The youth squad adds 23 in domestic competition, a figure that has allowed it to exceed Usman Garuba. To that number we must add the eight that the young player has achieved in the Eurocup. A sum that makes the African have already put 31 in 38 games. Some numbers that impress and that have achieved that the player already has more and more prominence in the rotations of Katsikaris. Not even the arrival of Malcolm thomas It has served to cut the appearances of one of the revelations of the season in Spain.

The Malacitan painting knows that it has to enjoy while this story lasts. Its numbers and its capacity for growth make Nzosa a player called to get to the NBA sooner rather than later. His name is already on all the major scouting lists for both European and American teams. Own Pau Gasol a few months ago he winked at the canterano composer. After one of the Unicaja matches, the best Spanish player of all time mentioned him along with an icon of admiration on his social networks.


Not only the clubs are watching him. It also does Scariolo, eager to have him. In fact, the FEB has already got to work so that Nzosa can soon play with the Spanish team. The player arrived in Malaga at the age of 15 in the summer of 2019, since then its projection has been meteoric. The Congolese has quickly become the wall of Carpena, Unicaja and the ACB.

Via Marca.com