Lat the age of majority Yannick Nzosa approaches. The Congolese pivot will be 18 years old next November 15. The player, who is having a difficult year in terms of performance, He will become an adult on the Carpena track. A birthday that brings several things under its arm apart from the classic ritual of blowing out the candles. The player’s agents will return to Malaga within those days to sign the new contract with the Los Guindos team. A new contract that will change some figures with respect to Unicaja and the possible departure of the player from the Malaga team.

Nzosa arrived in Malaga in 2019 at the age of 15 and he is already living his third year on the composer team. A tough season for the young player whose siren calls from the NBA are not helping. As MARCA has already reported, the club is calm and believes that Nzosa is suffering the classic episode of any young man who reaches the elite. The pivot is in the pools to be chosen among the top five players of the next Draft of the best league in the world.

As Malaga Hoy points out, Yannick Nzosa He will have a professional contract with Unicaja once the new agreement with the people of Malaga is signed after his birthday. A contract that also includes clauses for his departure to the NBA, about 600,000 euros, and in case a Euroleague team wants to take the African player, about one million euros. While the end of the course comes, Nzosa will continue burning stages in Unicaja. A Malaga team that is not experiencing its best moment of the course after four consecutive defeats in the Endesa League that have put the presence of the team that Katsikaris coaches in check in the Copa del Rey that will be held in 2022 in Vitoria.