ORbradoiro took air yesterday in San Sebastián in the fight for permanence with a victory against a Gipuzkoa Basket that still does not win the bottom, something that obviously complicates his goal of not descending, after being traced this time after the break. Czerapowicz, first, and Oliver and Enoch, later, decided the game for the Galicians, with Nicola’s men missing their exteriors.

Gipuzkoa Basket came out very involved in the game, and with Oroz canceling Robertson, Faggiano producing in attack and Radoncic in the line of contributing to the front and back of the last games, he placed 9-2, in minute 4, and 15-7 already in the 7.

Moncho Fernández called a time-out, first, and then moved his bench, managing to hurt Enoch, who with six points and a good job on Okouo and Olaizola cut the difference to two points, 18-16, at the end of the first quarter.

Czerapowicz equalized as soon as the game resumed, and then hit from beyond 6.75, but Nicola’s men answered with a 5-0 in their favor. The Swede added three more points for his team from the free kick, and another three with another triple, but since he only scored 11 points in eight minutes, he did not manage to tighten the score until he had some help, reaching the break with a 32-31 on Illumbe’s email.

Czerapowicz put Obradoiro ahead for the first time just back from the locker room, with his third triple of the night, but Margarity regained the lead with another three-pointer. Ozmirac and Oroz signed up to contribute from beyond 6.75, and Enoch reappeared to stretch the Galician income to seven points, 42-49, and turn on the alarm light in Gipuzkoa Basket, which failed to cut to missing the final period, 49-57.

Moncho Fernández came to see his team 10 up, but then Margarity and Radoncic appeared to put their team in the game, 59-61. It was a mirage, because Obradoiro already controlled the rhythm of the game and the rebound, which gave confidence to some hitherto misguided players such as Oliver and Robertson, who with a highly protested arbitration by the locals put a victory on track with a 60-72 victory that at final was carried 66-79.

Data sheet:

66. Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket (18 + 14 + 17 + 17): Faggiano (7), Oroz (11), Carlson, Radoncic (15), Okouo (15) – starting five- Dee (2), Span (3), Carlson, Olaizola, Magarity (13), Motos.

79. Monbus Obradoiro (16 + 15 + 26 + 22): Beliauskas (2), Suárez, Daum (9), Robertson (12), Birutis (8) – starting five- Czerapowicz (18), Enoch (17), Oliver (6), Muñoz, Ozmizrak (5), Cohen (2 ), Garcia.

Referees: Count, Oyón, Zamorano.

Incidents: match of the 28th round of the Endesa League played at the San Sebastián Arena 2016.

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