The presentation, held at the main office of Unicaja Banco in Oviedo, was attended, accompanying the team players and coaching staff, Fernando Villabella Patallo, president of Oviedo Baloncesto; Héctor Galán Rodríguez, CEO and, on behalf of Unicaja Banco, José Marcos Fernández, regional director in Asturias Centro; and Ana Fonseca, director of the entity’s main office in Oviedo.

Fernando Villabella thanked Unicaja Banco, “in particular and personally to the executives with whom we have been working for the last five seasons, who have defended the interest of the entity in betting on the Oviedo Club Baloncesto”. “We are satisfied that our work for the sport has been so well valued by the new entity and hopefully we can continue with them for a long time and be able to convince them that we need to grow with their hand.”

For his part, José Marcos Fernández, has shown Unicaja Banco’s support for Asturian sport, hoping that “the club achieves the greatest successes and that we once again become enthusiastic about quality basketball in Oviedo.”
Unicaja Banco has been the club’s official sponsor since the 2018-2019 season, giving the name to both the first team and the entire quarry structure, and showing its total commitment in each of the seasons that it has accompanied the Oviedo Basketball Club in his career through the LEB Oro.

A commitment to the sport of Asturias that Unicaja Banco continues to maintain, faithful to its commitment to its territories of origin and within its support for sport and the promotion of sports, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work .

Unicaja Banco Oviedo Baloncesto plays in the second category of Spanish basketball (LEB Oro), it also has a female player who plays their matches in the 1st National Women’s League and 23 youth teams, where more than 200 children play. In addition, the OCB also has 9 school teams, which are led by the club’s own coaches.