Oliver Arteaga arrived in Oviedo in the 2017/2018 season, Carles Marco’s last campaign at the club, and went through the stages of Javi Rodríguez and currently Natxo Lezkano, with whom he had already met in other teams. In addition, in the last 2020/2021 campaign, Arteaga became the captain of Liberbank Oviedo Baloncesto, being the leader of the Oviedo ship in a season to remember.

When Oliver Arteaga landed in the Asturian capital, he did so under the banner of being one of the LEB Oro’s reference centers, and in all his campaigns at OCB he more than met his expectations. In his first season he averaged 20.83 PIR credits, being the third best player in the league, repeating position in 18/19 with 19.32. In the following, the canary averaged 15.11, being also one of the most prominent in the league, and leader of the OCB.

Finally, this last season he played 25 of the 26 games of the season, plus two in the playoffs, and averaged 9.75 points, 5 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 4.6 fouls received for a PIR of 14.7. All these numbers mean that in Oliver Arteaga’s career at Liberbank Oviedo Baloncesto, the Canarian center averaged 17.35 PIR credits in his four seasons.

Another great moment of this past season was the tribute that was given to the Herrera center for his 100 games with the OCB shirt. In the event, which took place in the regular league game against Leyma Coruña, after receiving the MVP of the match, he was surprised to see his daughters come out with a shirt with the number 100 on their back, receiving a loud applause from the public of Pumarín.

Héctor Galán, general director of Oviedo Baloncesto, values ??the renewal of the Canarian center: “We are always happy to incorporate players, but I think that the renewal of Oliver Arteaga for another year makes us even more excited than normal. He has become the image and the flag of the team, of the club, an absolutely recognizable and very important person for us. It is very good news, and although it is a cliché to say that the years do not pass through him, the truth is that he takes them very well, he takes care of himself, he works a lot, and he has managed to once again be a benchmark player in the team this year. Starting work next season and having such an important first player on the squad makes things much easier for us, it gives us confidence. Happy for him, for his family, who are very comfortable here, for the fans, who for them is an important reference. To hope that we can repeat a season like this year, if not even improve it, and now to start working ”.

The OCB deserves to fight for its dreams