ORn outstanding third quarter (32-19) gave Monbus Obradoiro the third victory in five games, with an exceptional Enoch -23 points and 8 rebounds- and a decisive Oliver – 10 points and a PIR of 15-. Moncho Fernández’s team maintained the advantage obtained after the break and withstood the final onslaught of Herbalife Gran Canaria, who chained their second league defeat.

Czerapowicz opened the hostilities with a triple, while Enoch -15 points at halftime- won the war in the paint against the Granca homegrown interior couple. The Canarian team was aggressive in direct blocks, a situation that Obra solved by triangulating to find the Connecticut pivot. Kilpatrick acted as a stiletto for the visitors and the defense closed with up to three players on their penetrations. The game was developed in a continuous exchange of blows without advantages greater than three points.

Moncho Fernández’s pupils collapsed the area drying Balcerowski and Herbalife scored in individual talent actions. Ozmizrak jumped onto the court producing with a back door and taking Albicy’s second foul. Slaughter, along with Diop and Okoye, scored fluently for the first time for Granca (16-18, min. 9).

Stevic made his debut in the clash at the beginning of the second quarter, giving much maturity to the game of the island squad, for a partial of 4-13 (22-31, min. 14). Oliver with a suspension and the return of Enoch allowed the local reply. The internal threat left space for the triples of Beliauskas and Cohen that tied the score with three minutes before the break. Two triples by Dimsa and Costello allowed the Gran Canaria team to go with an advantage to the dressing room (38-42).

Oliver, with a brilliant past in the yellow team, then brought out his best version, turning the score around. He caused Albicy’s third foul, added 8 points, hung a very distant alley-oop for Daum’s mate and, above all, he slowed the visitors in his little more than 4 minutes on the court for a 16-4 partial (54- 46, min. 24).

Beirán was rowing in the storm with two baskets, but Fisac’s men looked knocked out. Birutis, MVP in the first leg, scored his first four points of the afternoon and Ozmizrak’s triple put the maximum difference for the local side (66-51, min. 28). Although late, Herbalife’s response came from Slaughter, Kilpatrick and Costello.

Obra managed its advantage until a triple from Beirán brought Granca closer after a 2-10 partial (84-82, min. 38). Daum read the lead, defended by Albicy, to respond with another front 3 shot and the Frenchman returned it, but Cohen was key with a steal and two free throws that knocked out Albicy’s final 3-pointer.

Data sheet

Monbus Obradoiro (18 + 20 + 32 + 19): Oliver (10), Beliauskas (12), Czerapowicz (6), Enoch (23) and Cohen (5); Daum (9), Ozmizrak (11), Muñoz (2), Suárez (5), García and Birutis (6).

Herbalife Gran Canaria (28 + 24 + 19 + 27): Albicy (9), Kilpatrick (15), Beirán (9), Costello (15) and Balcerowski (1); Okoye (5), Slaughter (14), Dimsa (3), Shurna (4), Santana, Diop (7) and Stevic (6).

Referees: Conde, Araña and Sánchez Cutillas. Without eliminated.

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