Spain’s Olympic career is summarized in 16 shares -12 of the Men’s National Team, 4 of the Women’s Team-, 119 games, 68 victories and 5 medalss. With 122 players and leading players and 10 coaches.
We review it:

119 games and 57% of victories The Men’s National Team has played a total of 93 matches since its first Olympic participation, in the Rome 1960 edition, of which it has won 52. The total balance is thus 119 matches and 68 victories (57% ). The Women have played 26, of which they have won 16. The first match of the Men, in 1960, was a victory over Uruguay by 77-72, and the last, for the bronze medal in Rio 2016, also won it, to Australia 89-88. La Femenina debuted in Barcelona 1992 losing to China (63-66) and the last one also lost it, in Rio 2016 against the United States (72-101), but it was a sweet defeat because it meant the silver medal. The United States (16 games, 11 + 5) and China (11, 7 + 4) have been the rivals Spain has faced on the most occasions.

122 ace players Spain’s Olympic career has been signed by a total of 122 players: 85 with the Men and 37 with the Women. Of all of them, those who have played the most games are Juan Carlos Navarro (34), Rudy Fernández (31), Pau Gasol (31), Felipe Reyes (31) and Epi (30) on the one hand and Laia Palau (21), Luci Pascua (19) and Alba Torrens (14) for another. The one who has participated in the most editions is Navarro (5), who in Tokyo will be equaled by Rudy Fernández and Pau Gasol. Laia Palau will become the first to reach 4 participations after having done so in 2004, 2008 and 2016; Alba Torrens (3) will equal Luci Pascua.

45 medalists Of those 122 players, 45 (33 boys and 12 girls) returned home with a medal around their necks. Those who have achieved the most with Juan Carlos Navarro, Pau Gasol, Rudy Fernández, José Manuel Calderón and Felipe Reyes, all with 3 medals, the same: silver in Beijing 2008, silver in London 2012 and bronze in Rio 2016. They are followed by Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Sergio Llull, Sergio Rodríguez and Víctor Claver, with 2 medals each. And there are 12 girls who can boast of a medal, the 12 who won silver in 2016: Laia Palau, Alba Torrens, Silvia Domínguez, Laura Gil, Leo Rodríguez, Astou Ndour, Anna Cruz, Laura Nicholls, Luci Pascua, Laura Quevedo, Leticia Romero and Marta Xargay. The first six are in Tokyo.

10 coaches There have been 10 coaches, of which only three have repeated, including the current Sergio Scariolo (for which your third Games will be) and Lucas Mondelo (the seconds, will be the first to repeat in front of the Female). Of those 10 selectors, one is historical: Antonio Diaz Miguel He is the only one in history that has participated in 6 editions of the men’s tournament. The Olympic coaches of the Men’s National Team are Eduardo Kucharski, Antonio Díaz Miguel, Lolo Sainz, Mario Pesquera, Aíto García Reneses and Sergio Scariolo; at the head of the Feminine they have been Chema Buceta, Vicente Rodríguez, Evaristo Pérez and Lucas Mondelo. Scariolo is the one who has won the most medals (silver 2012 and bronze 2016)