The accreditation request can be made through the form that appears in the following link, filling in all the required fields:

Accreditation request – Final Four 2022 LEB Gold League

These must be accompanied by the full name, address, telephone and contact email, as well as the DNI of the journalist to be accredited together with a passport-size photograph. It will be mandatory to indicate the complete data of the media outlet they will represent and it will be necessary to specify if an editor, photographer or camera pass is required.

The end of term for the request of accreditations is fixed to the 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 16, 2022. Within 24 hours after the deadline, a communication will be sent via email informing the applicant about the status of the same. In no case will confirmations of the status of the applications be made before said period.

If they are accepted, they will have a PDF file with the accreditation that they must print and carry at all times for access and mobility in the Pavelló Girona-Fontajau. The door enabled for access to the pavilion as well as the opening hours will be communicated via email within 24 hours prior to the start of the Final Four 2022.

If you have any questions or needs, you can contact Pablo Romero (

Data of interest:

– The Bàsquet Girona season press pass will not be valid during the celebration of the 2022 Final Four of the LEB Oro League, being necessary to accredit again to be able to access the three games.

– The acceptance of accreditations, as well as the placement of the means in the pavilion will depend on the availability of space (limited) as well as the order in which applications are received. Due to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be restrictions on access and occupation of spaces set by local authorities and which must be respected at all times.

– No media will be able to access the playing court during the celebration of the three games of the Final Four of the LEB Gold League. The photographers will be located at both ends of the court, respecting the safety distance between them at all times. , while the editors, radios and televisions without rights will occupy the usual press gallery of the Pavelló Girona-Fontajau.

– The three matches will be broadcast live on For this reason, only cameramen accredited by said means will be able to access the game track during the awards ceremony. will have absolute priority when interviewing the stars of the final at the end of the match. Once the awards ceremony is over, the protagonists will be available to the rest of the media depending on the indications set by the press officers of both teams.

– At the conclusion of each match, a press conference will be held, attended by the two coaches as well as the MVP after the Final. These will be open to all the media, as well as the mixed zone, and at their conclusion, audio recordings will be provided.

– The request for interviews with coaches and players during the course of the Final Four LEB Oro and its previous hours must be made through the press officers of each club.

– During the event and at its conclusion, the Spanish Basketball Federation will provide the media with graphic material of the match, including both photographs and images of the game and audio of the press conferences.

– Those media that, being accredited for the appointment, are not going to be able to attend or that finally decline the accreditation, must previously inform the FEB in order to be able to free up their space. Otherwise, the non-use of accreditation may be taken into account for future accreditation processes.