Lace FIBA windows and the calendar are again the subject of controversy after the war declared by the Federation of Turkey to the Barcelona after the azulgana club has refused to give in to Sertac sanli for the second match to be played by the Ottoman team corresponding to the qualifying round for the 2023 World Cup.

“Sertac Sanli, who plays for FC Barcelona of the Spanish Basketball League, will not be able to play in our national team’s match against Great Britain due to the club’s refusal, which has not allowed him to do so, “reads the statement from the Turkish Federation in which he explains the absence of the pivot.

The highest body of Ottoman basketball He has also raised his complaint to FIBA ??so that they “take the necessary measures” with the Barça team, who can be sanctioned for their refusal to give up a player, although it seems unlikely that the International Federation will act now.

Decisive match for the Ottomans

Turkey disputes the second game of Windows against Great Britain with the compelling need to achieve victory after fall surprisingly to Belarus in the first commitment to qualify for the 2023 World Cup to be played in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

The position of the Barça with respect to Sanli contrasts with the one maintained by the Barça club with Brandon Davies, who has allowed to attend the call with Uganda, country in which he was nationalized to get the Cotonou passport.