After a total of 162 games and about 6,500 minutes of play, the LEB Oro League lowered the curtain on its first phase of competition last week, thus proceeding to make a new division between its teams for the final stretch of the season.

A new competition system that will lead the top 5 finishers in each group to fight for a place of promotion to the Endesa League and, to the nine remaining teams, to try to avoid relegation places to a LEB Silver League that they will serve as pressure element for them.

And all this through a new composition of Groups that met its new calendar last Tuesday and that will give each team a dozen days in which to fight to achieve their respective objectives.

CALENDAR: Postponed the first day of the second phase

Ascent Group: Ten candidates will fight for a single goal

Classification: This is how the final stretch will begin

PDF: Calendar complete for the second phase

? Competition system: With ten teams shaping the Group for promotion, five from Group A and as many from Group B, the teams that will make up the same will face a calendar consisting of ten days of competition. In them, they will face in a league format (round trip) the five teams with whom they did not coincide in the group during the first phase. The initial classification will be marked by the 8 objective results already in their confrontations against those teams with which they shared a group in the first phase and which they will not face again this time. In this way, Leche Río Breogán will start the final stage as the leader with a 7-1 balance in their favor.

? Classification: During the next ten days, the Group for the Promotion will put into play a total of 7 tickets that will give an option to the Playoffs. Thus, their first seven classified will enter the fight for promotion while the last three will see their season concluded at the end of this second phase. The Playoff for promotion will be completed with an eighth team from the Group for permanence.

? Participating teams: Milk Río Breogán, TAU Castelló, Covirán Granada, Leyma Coruña, Palmer Alma Mediterránea, HLA Alicante, Clínica Sur-Aspasia, Liberbank Oviedo, Destino Palencia and CB Almansa with Afanion.

Permanence Group: No margin for error in the fight to avoid relegation

Classification: This is how the final stretch will begin

PDF: Calendar complete for the second phase

? Competition system: Composed of nine teams, four from Group A and five from Group B, the members of the Group for Permanence will begin this Friday a new phase consisting of ten days and to which they will arrive dragging the results of those teams with which they have already faced in the previous phase. In this way, the teams from Group A will now have two fewer games than the teams from Group B, stopping to balance their balances over ten days in which the latter will have one break per day. At this time, Bàsquet Girona will start the phase as leader with a victory ahead of second place (6-2).

? Classification: Although the main objective of its protagonists will be to avoid the last four places that will punish their owners with relegation to the LEB Silver League, the Group for Permanence will have an added incentive. And it is that, the team that manages to reach the first place at the end of the ten days, will be able to certify its pass to the Playoffs for promotion as eighth classified, which will lead the team to be able to face the first classified of the Group for promotion.

? Participating teams: Girona Basketball, ICG Força Lleida, Real Murcia Basketball, Levitec Huesca, Cáceres P Humanidad, Ibereólica Ourense, Melilla Sport Capital, ZTE Real Canoe and Tizona University of Burgos.