Pablo Bernabé will lead the CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol next season

The coach from Maleno will complete his fourth season in the Estepona entity, changing the bench of the men’s first team for that of LF Challenge in what is his return to the women’s team after several years in the EBA League.


The project of the CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol 22/23 begins to lay its foundations and, how could it be otherwise, it does so by announcing the person in charge of making the squad play that is being prepared for the one that will be the second season of the Women’s Challenge League, which aims to be more competitive and with an increase in level. Pablo Bernabé (Posadas, Córdoba, 1975), after three years at the helm of the senior men’s team, the last two campaigns in the EBA League, is the one chosen for it.

A coach with extensive experience, Bernabé knows the club perfectly and from the CAB Estepona a bet is made on a coach who has proven to be a great connoisseur of the game, who three summers ago agreed to take the reins of the men’s team in the First National after a great campaign with CB Coín in the EBA League and that, now, returns to lead a women’s team, with CB Costa Marbella being her last club as far as women are concerned.

In his first statements as the new coach of the LF Challenge team, Bernabé was clear and direct: “I face this new challenge full of enthusiasm. Returning to the women’s game excites me because of the great moments lived in it”. The Maleno coach assures that the fact that the club thought of him to lead the CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol “is a significant burden of responsibility” that he assumes “delighted and grateful for the trust”.

The summer period, in which a large majority of the population has their vacations, is a key moment to face what will be the team’s second season in the Women’s Challenge League, the second category of national women’s basketball, therefore from the club, Hand in hand with Bernabé, we are working to put together the most competitive squad possible for the 22/23 campaign.

The Cordovan coach wanted to have words for the fans who, last season, always within the restrictions caused by the health situation, supported all the club teams. “We want everyone who comes to Pineda to enjoy and be proud of their team in every game, and that is going to be one of our maxims”, explained Bernabé who, in addition, regarding the preparation of the squad, pointed out: “We are creating a team with its own identity that can compete in each match. We are going to work hard so that we can all enjoy watching CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol play”.

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