PAblo Laso confessed after the final that Sergio Llull ended up angry in the semifinal of the Endesa Super Cup against Lenovo Tenerife. The guard only played seven minutes in which he scored two points. So it was difficult to predict his explosion in the final, with 24 points and the MVP.

“I’m sure Sergi [Llull] the night before the final he would have killed me. I know Llull is mad at me. Last night he would get into the room and shit on my whole family, but that is not why I stop believing in Llull. The dates change, the players change, but he has a heart that is like that. I never doubt him. I’m glad he gets mad at me, because I’m the coach and I think for the team, I don’t think for Sergi. I think for Sergi later, when I am alone, “said the coach in an interview for the ACB.

The coach explained that his player had had “some difficult days. I think he did not play a good game” and remembered that he comes “from a few fucked up years. On this court, there [y señala un punto concreto], he broke his knee “. Hence, seeing Llull excited at the end of the match rubbed off on him.” I’m excited to see a player of mine feeling excited as Sergi was. I get excited because I like to see him like this, happy and crying with emotion. I am very happy for him and, of course, for the team. He is excited and I am excited to see him. “

Laso says he is “very happy because it is a title at the beginning of the season and, for us, the beginnings are always difficult.” However, he does not believe that the Endesa Super Cup will give them peace of mind. “If you think that this gives you peace of mind for later, then you are not enjoying what you have done now. My way of being is to enjoy this victory a lot because of the work done and because of how the boys have been. But calm because we have won the Super Cup. and then nothing, no. That is not so, “he explains.

It was Laso’s twenty-first title with Madrid, although he does not keep track: “They have told me now that I have seven Super Cups. I don’t know how many titles I have. Do I have five Leagues? I don’t know. And five or six Cups? No It is something that obsess me. It obsess me that the team plays well, that the team improves, that the boys improve … Winning? If you do all that, it will be easier. “