The paths of Pablo Pin and Coviran Granada will continue together for two more seasons. The coach, who took the reins of the team for the premiere in Primera Nacional and has an immaculate career, will be in charge of directing the Nasrid ship in its fourth consecutive season in LEB Oro. The Granada-born man will combine his work as coach with the as a sports director, so he will be in charge of making the squad for next season.

Coviran Granada has just signed the best campaign in its nine-year history. With Pablo Pin on the bench, the Nasrid team was able to proclaim themselves regular league champions in LEB Oro and also reached the third game of the final of the promotion phase to the ACB league against Río Breogán. A milestone in the history of the club.

Pablo Pin’s career at the helm of Coviran Granada is impeccable. The Granada-born player won two consecutive LEB Silver Cup titles and three promotions: from First National to the EBA league, from EBA to LEB Silver and the last one won to LEB Gold in Pamplona after a season to frame.

With Pablo Pin at the helm of the Coviran Granada bench, the Nasrid team has celebrated a total of 175 victories in the 274 matches played so far between Primera Nacional, EBA league, LEB Plata and LEB Oro. The red-black coach has been an essential piece for reach a record number that would not have been possible without the Granada-born in command of the team.