Thus, the blanquivioleta coach was welcomed by Saúl Hernández. “We understand that Paco is the person who knows the Club and the team best and we understand that he can take it forward. The situation is not critical, but we believe we can be higher. Thank you for this second stage and welcome to your home”.

For his part, David Espinar reiterated the RVCF’s support for the basketball section. “We continue with our commitment. I couldn’t be at Roberto González’s farewell on Wednesday, but I sent him our thanks by phone for everything he has done. We convey to Paco that he has all the support, drive, support and recognition of Real Valladolid. And we wish him the best, because the best for him is also for the Club and the city”.

After receiving both welcomes, Paco García took over and spoke about his feelings. “I am tremendously proud and responsible for what I have accepted. It is not a tasteful dish to replace a person whom I have a lot of respect for as a person, coach and friend. I tell both Roberto González and Alfredo Calle that I am going to try to take advantage of all the good things they have done these months and encourage them. There are no good or bad coaches, only good or bad results. And in this case they have not accompanied.

Likewise, Paco García recognized that this return to the Pisuerga bench is “the most special of all”. “What the anthem says about ‘the shield that you carry on your chest…’, you cannot have a greater feeling of responsibility. Yesterday I was searching and found all the football and basketball season ticket cards I have. No one knows better than me what it has cost to climb. This is a Club with growth and capacity to attract people to the pavilion and with a close collaboration with the main Club of the city. We need victories to settle down, I don’t think beyond the next match.

Precisely, about the future and the next commitments of the team, the blanquivioleta coach responded. “There are ten games left and there is a fine margin of maneuver that is a victory. The only thing I can ask and demand is the necessary involvement and maximum work to go game by game for each victory. Compete in every match, in every quarter and play the same both at home and away. I don’t care how we play or if we put on a show, I’m obsessed with winning and we have to give it our all.

In addition, Paco García acknowledged that he has closely followed the UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball season. “I have been here in the pavilion when I was in Valladolid and on TV when I was not. The signings are successful and few buts can be put to the construction of the squad. I have found a team in which Juan García-Abril, who was a clear bet, is low; Fernando Revilla is also going to be out and that conditions the training sessions. We are going to use the youth academy and I am happy that they want to go up with the first team and help us. It is appreciated. We have to try to improve the individual performance of the players and put it at the service of the team, because the important thing is to win”.

Without going any further, the blanquivioleta coach pointed out that “he is going to encourage” the squad from the first moment. “I want to convey to you the passion that I put into my work and we are going to fight for it to change. I asked the players for their involvement and Sergio as captain, who then spoke with the rest of the players. Everyone is good until proven otherwise and I will die for them, but I demand that they give it back.”

Regarding his decision to return to sit on the Pisuerga bench, Paco García acknowledged that it was “simple to take”. “When they called me on Wednesday it was a sensation because it is also a family decision. My family is very happy. Everything was easy on both sides, it was quick and we talked about the situation of the team and the history of the Club. There are 36 courses training uninterruptedly and I didn’t want it to be just ten games, but at least one more season. It is possible that we are not happy, let’s talk and cut if we have to. The intention is to save the team and I come with the flag of my own demands and that of all those around me”.

Asked about the objectives, the coach from Valladolid was clear: permanence. “The first thing is first, and it is to save the category as soon as possible. We have recent examples last year. The bad ones do not descend, but those who do not do things well. Hopefully we win games and we can dream of something else”.
Two days before receiving ICG Força Lleida, Paco García spoke about how the team arrives at the match and analyzed the rival. “I have Alejandro Paniagua and Pedro Mateu as assistants and I have asked for their help. I don’t know the systems or the adversary as I would like, so the objectives are short. Competing in each game and within it, going fourth to fourth, improving defensive numbers, rebounds, losses, percentages… I ask for a lot of discipline and demand and in these training sessions we will try to get there in the best possible way. You have to train and work to get ahead.”

“ICG Força Lleida is a good team. They have Michael Carrera, who came from being the MVP of the Day and is one of the sensations of the league, with Schreiner, Miguel González from Valladolid… we have to win. Let’s see if those 22,000 fans who go to Zorrilla also come to basketball because we need their help. The players are not going to get scared, and if they do, I’ll take care of controlling the anxiety. We need to feel supported and we want that social mass to extend to basketball”.