In recent days Guillermo Boscana, president of the club and Vicenç Palmer, general manager of Palmer Alma Mediterránea, have closed the agreement by which the Mallorcan real estate company will continue to be the main sponsor of the first team of the Palmesan club. In this way, the sponsorship that began last season is continued and that served so that the Palmer family, linked to the club for more than a decade, was an unmistakable and key part of a season that began with some moment of hesitation but that was It closed with the salvation of the team confirmed, the pass to the promotion group and the fight in the quarterfinals of the ‘play off’ with Río Breogán, a team that has been promoted to the ACB and which Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma had against the ropes in the last game of the series in which the Majorcans brushed the power to eliminate a rival protected by theirs in the Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo.

Next Tuesday, July 6, a press conference will take place at the Las Sirenas del Arenal Restaurant in which Vicenç Palmer and Guillermo Boscana will explain the renewal of the agreement and will be available to the media.