Spar Girona-Movistar Students
Last result: Movistar Students-SPAR Girona (62-73)

Both teams repeat their quarterfinal match of the last edition of the Copa de la Reina. At that time, SPAR Girona prevailed by a solid 73-55, which marked the first steps for the Gironí team in order to achieve the first cup title in its history. However, due to how Movistar Estudiantes has competed this season against the big three, everything indicates that we will see a tighter appointment.

SPAR Girona

Despite being eliminated from the Euroleague last Saturday, the Catalan team demonstrated their competitive character in a tough tie against Perfumerías Avenida in which they managed to win the second game. The current champions of the tournament arrive in Valencia with only four defeats in their locker and with the scoring duo made up of Kennedy Burke and Rebeka Gardner at full capacity. Under the direction of a legend of the tournament such as Laia Palau, SPAR Girona will try to revalidate its status as champion.

Average team stats

Points: 75.4
Rebounds: 35.5
Assists: 12.8
Rating: 82.2

Movistar Students

After their promotion in 2020, the collegiate team adds its second consecutive appearance in the Copa de la Reina. They were the revelation team of last season and what they are showing this season is that the team from Madrid came to the LF Endesa to establish themselves among the best. In recent days, the Madrid team has managed to compete one on one against the greats, as indicated by the very tight results such as 71-70 in Würzburg or 52-59 against Valencia.

Average team stats:

Points: 66.2
Rebounds: 31.5
Assists: 14.2
Rating: 70.1

Valencia Basket-Casademont Zaragoza

Last result: Casademont Zaragoza-Valencia Basket (74-84)

Less than a week ago these teams met at the Prince Felipe. Now the scenario changes, but not the intensity that was experienced on that day in which the red team kept options until a third quarter in which the taronja broke the game. That day, Vega Gimeno (Casademont Zaragoza), with 24 points and Cristina Ouviña (Valencia Basket), with 15, were the best of their teams.

Valencia Basketball

The hosts arrive at the Cup after receiving two bad news last week. Added to the elimination of the Eurocup is the loss of Ángela Salvadores, which adds to the long-term absences of Raquel Carrera and Laura Gil. But it would not be the first time that this team has rearmed itself despite all the circumstances. Players like Cristina Ouviña or Marie Gülich will take the reins in the goal of repeating being finalists on their field for the second consecutive year.

Average team stats:

Points: 72.3
Rebounds: 33.5
Assists: 16.8
Rating: 86.3

Casademont Zaragoza

They are the rookies of this Copa de la Reina, since it is the first time that the team from Zaragoza is present in the tournament. However, in their ranks there is plenty of experience and it is that players like Anna Cruz, Vega Gimeno or Merrit Hempe know the competition perfectly. The rojillo team has achieved some regularity to settle among the top eight positions throughout the season, and although they have the difficult task of facing the host in these quarterfinals, they will show off the ‘rasmia’ with which the team identifies so much .

Average team stats:

Points: 64.9
Rebounds: 30.4
Assists: 11.6
Rating: 64.7