ANDhe Coosur Real Betis defeated Hereda San Pablo Burgos on Tuesday 76-86 at home, who accumulated a new defeat in a match in which they did not dominate but endured the Seville draw.

In the final moments, Burgos had options for victory, but Tyrus McGee’s mistakes condemned the Burgos team to continue in the relegation places in a match in which Dani Díez shone with 21 points, 8 rebounds and 34 PIR credits.

The match started with a lot of scoring rhythm, with a Betis that saw the hoop more easily in the first minutes, but the Burgos team soon solved it as Dani Díez got a 4 of 4 triples to turn the score around.

The Burgos suffered a lot on the offensive rebound and gave many opportunities to Luis Casimiro’s men, who took advantage of all these opportunities to cling to the game (25-22).

With a run of 0-5, San Pablo entered the second quarter, although Betis’ dominating inside game, especially by Pasecniks, with another run of 0-7, restored equality in a quarter that once again had to count on Díez to the azulones had a better game and more success (43-43).

The match became a tug-of-war for both teams, without one dominating either the scoreboard or the game, and they led the match to a maximum equality between both in which the small details could decide the match (68-65).

In those details was the spectacular start of Coosur Betis in the last quarter, with a 1-10 partial that had to be stopped by Salva Maldonado because the Andalusians went 9 points away.

The rebound continued to be Betic although the accumulation of errors in attack by Casimiro’s men gave extra life to San Pablo, who reached the final seconds with victory options.

McGee had a double chance to try to equalize the game, but the American failed with anger from the Burgos stands who saw how his team couldn’t beat the bottom team either.

Data sheet:

76 – Inherits San Pablo Burgos (26+17+25+8): Kravic (2), Salash (5), Díez (21), McGee (8) and Renfroe (6) – starting five – Queeley (-), Nikolic (3), Benite (6), Dalton (10), Rabaseda ( 6), Garcia (-) and Gamble (9).

84 – Real Betis Coosur (22+21+22+19): Almazán (3), Evans (19), Bertans (7), Pasecniks (16) and Brown (11) – starting five – Agebelese (4), Cvetkovic (5), Leslie (8), Burjanadze (5), García ( -), Baez (6) and Pozas (0).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Javier Torres and Vicente Martínez. Eliminated due to personal fouls Tyrus McGee (Hereda San Pablo Burgos) and Aleksandar Cvetkovic (Coosur Real Betis)

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 15 of the Endesa League held at the Coliseum Burgos before 7,457 spectators.