These are some of the phrases with which, throughout all these years, Pau Gasol has reflected his personal and sporting assessment of what the National Team means for all those who have formed, form and will be part of it in the future:

1 “Being part of this Selection is a great pride”.

2 “The National Team gives me a lot. Being part of this team is a very special feeling ”.

3 “We are the Family because the team is above any of us”.

4 “Each moment has been very special in my career, but perhaps I would win the World Cup gold medal in Japan.”

5 “The identity, the philosophy of this team, the family spirit is something that has always been maintained, it is very important, whoever is in the team.”

6 “Even when I haven’t been, my spirit is with the National Team”.

7 “In the Selection I would continue for 50 years.”

8 “We are a group of friends, a family, who come together in pursuit of a common goal.”

9 “The values ??of this team are those that we have been able to maintain for years”.

10 “I am one of the pillars of the National Team, yes, but the key to this team is always unity, collective work and what we all contribute”.

11 “We are delighted to instill in young people the values ??and culture that we have of this team, so that they carry it with them and also transmit it”.

12 “There are great young players behind us and I am sure we will continue to have a good team in the future.”