Pau Gasol, 41, spoke again after his resignation from the Spanish team after the Tokyo Olympics. The pivot reappeared at the presentation of the two-year renewal of the agreement between IFA and the Gasol Foundation, aimed at preventing childhood obesity.

Withdrawal. “I keep thinking about whether to continue or not. It will not be an easy decision and when I know it I will let you know. I have been a professional for 23 years and I am putting all the factors in the balance to make a decision soon and be able to communicate it. It is not taken at 100%. If I look back there are many years enjoying very interesting things “.

Decision. “It depends more on me and my family, we have been in the sport that I love for many years and that has been and is a part of my life that cannot be replaced. I have taken time after Tokyo to think and disconnect. If I continue playing I take risks because I have squeezed my body a lot. I have to see the pros and cons. I have a couple more laps to do. Stability is something that we haven’t had in my family. There are days when I feel like going back to train and other days that I don’t see it so clear “.

Injury. “I had a double scaphoid fracture when I was 40 years old and I do not know of another case of a player who has returned. I am not evaluating what has happened but what I want to do in the present and where I want to shoot.”

Barcelona situation. “I was at the Camp Nou the day of Bayern. The time for the club is not easy due to the financial situation that has conditioned very tough situations such as letting Leo go. I cannot imagine a situation like this either as president or as a club. a process of reconstruction. Jan is committed to the club and to Barcelona and he will do everything possible so that the club is where it wants to be. You have to trust the technical team and the players in difficult moments. When things go Well, everything is easy and Bayern are a great team. ”

Future of Marc. “It is a very personal and subjective thing Marc is in the moment he is. We are going to wait for what he wants to do. We are not conditioned on what the other wants to do. We are lucky to be able to decide the end of our careers. He He is five years younger than me. I am also waiting. We will both support each other to the death. “

Marc, in Girona as a player. “Marc has earned the freedom and flexibility to make his own decision at the time. He is very excited in Girona, I am also involved as vice president of the club and he is the president.”

End of a generation. “Family is an important factor. I have started to form a family later than many. I have a girl who has just been a year old and I want to enjoy my daughter. It is a factor that I keep in mind. The Junior Generation Gold gradually comes to an end. We have played many championships. We do not live here forever.

Contacts with Barça. “Juan Carlos is sending me a little message and we are talking. And I tell him that I will take my time and appreciate the interest that a team like Barca wants to have you in their ranks. What I experienced last season was very special, we stayed close to win the long-awaited Euroleague. We finished the season very well with the League. Juan Carlos, as a friend, I will tell you when I make a decision. “

Contract. “The economic factor is one more factor but it is certainly not the main one.”

Salary cut to Mirotic. “The club has asked more players, not just Niko [Mirotic]. How has it been done? That I don’t know. It is not an easy situation. He is in his right not to accept because the contract is signed. This is getting a lot of hype about this, maybe because of the two lost finals, and I hope it gets resolved as soon as possible. “

Future team. “I don’t see myself playing for another team in Europe other than Barcelona, ??it wouldn’t make sense to me.”