Pau Gasol, 20 years after heading to the NBA, has returned home. This noon he has been officially presented as a new Barcelona player until the end of this season. The objective is to win the Euroleague of culé and reach the top of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Joan Laporta referred to him and thanked him “for his Barça participation in the United States and thank you for wearing your shirt again. You have won everything except the Euroleague. You will surely continue to make history. welcome home“.

I am with the same enthusiasm and ambition with which I left 20 years ago

Pau Gasol, Barcelona player

The captains of the first squad, Mirotic, Oriola and Hanga, were present together with coach Sarunas Jasikevicius. They gave him a plaque commemorating the event. Also the executives who are still in the club, starting with Óscar Grau, Albert Soler and Nacho Rodríguez. The position of the Malaga is the one that would come to occupy Juan Carlos Navarro While Roger Esteller, present in the stands, is called to be Soler’s substitute, in this case as the chief executive of the basketball section. In that role he was in Laporta’s candidacy in the last two elections.

Pau showed himself “grateful and happy to return home to be able to add. One of my aspirations is to help win the Euroleague. It is a very special moment for me. It is true that in these 20 years I have worked as an ambassador for the entity. I thank my family, my parents, my brothers and my wife. ”

Play another year? I do not rule out anything in life

Pau Gasol, Barcelona player

Everyone expects his reappearance as soon as possible. “I’m feeling good, but with my feet on the ground. We have a day, but not a specific match. I hope it’s soon. I am here to help in whatever way I can. I am with the same enthusiasm and ambition with which I left 20 years ago. I did not want my career to end with an injury but rather enjoying myself and that is why I am here, “he was referring to his debut for the Barcelona team, which is expected in April.

“The team and the teammates are spectacular. Everyone is very focused and we are on the right track, but the most important thing is yet to be decided “, he explained. “The treatment by everyone has been unbeatable and I hope to return it with good performance.”

The pressure to win

Regarding favoritism to lift the highest European competition, he commented that “When you are in a club like Barça there will always be the expectation and the pressure to win. But you have to win the championships. “

“I’m going to make the decisions based on how I feel from day to day. Play another year? I do not rule out anything in life “, He pointed out the option to continue next season. The return to Barcelona was forged “through a conversation with Juan Carlos (Navarro), who is one of my best friends. “

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