Just a few hours after confirming that the match against the United States was his last match with the National Team, Pau Gasol has been chosen to form part of the Athletes Commission of the International Olympic Committee, in which he will take over from one of the four members who finish their stage after these Olympic Games.

Pau, who has been the most voted of those who had submitted their candidacy -29 athletes from 19 different disciplines-, has been chosen together with the Polish cyclist Maja Martyna Wloszczowska, the Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini and the Japanese fencer Yuki Ota. Of the more than 6,800 athletes who have participated in the vote, Gasol has received almost 2,000 votes.

The Athletes Commission aims to defend the interests of athletes in all activities and decisions of the IOC.

Upon learning of his choice, Pau Gasol reacted on his Twitter account with this message: “Very happy to be part of the IOC Athletes Commission. I want to thank all the athletes for having supported me and congratulations to the rest of the selected members. Together we will make a difference!”.