Pau Gasol and Sergio Scariolo have responded to the media 24 hours before Spain’s vital match against the United States in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics.

“For the team it is a very special opportunity in a Games that for me and for everyone is a different tournament. We face new quarter-finals of the Games against a high-level team. But we have to show that we are a better team and compete every possession. Play with head and intelligence, close the rebound, do not give second options and minimize errors. You have to be very involved in the game to have a chance to beat this team. “

“We have to go for this opportunity and face it with confidence. In the four Olympic Games that I have played I have lost against them at different times. It would be very special if tomorrow we are the winners. We are going to do everything we can to achieve it, from the mental, physical, tactical factor… face this moment as it deserves. “

“I don’t think this American team is less talented than other teams. They had three players who joined the day before the Games that are very important to them. Now they have enough travel to contribute more to the team. We have to see if our cohesion as a team can take precedence over that individual talent. “

“As for my individual performance, I will continue to add as much as I can from my role. For me it is a great success to be able to be here, to be able to contribute and add. I hope to do my best when I’m on the track, without thinking about anything else. I am happy to be able to experience these Games after two years of inactivity. “