ANDl Easter Sunday. It was a good day for the premiere of Pau Gasol in his second stage with him Barça. That was the goal for the player after completing his return to the Barça club 20 years later. The plan was play against Burgos again, in the LIga Endesa. Now, the most likely thing is that the long-awaited return to the international courts will take place next week, probably in the match of Euroleague against Bayern on April 9 or, at the latest, in the Classic of the Endesa League of April 11.

Pau is fine. The response of the foot with the increased workload is satisfactory. The player is animated, increasingly integrated into Barça’s work dynamics despite the fact that this week, with the Euroleague trips (Tel-Aviv and Istanbul), the international had to work alone. Get on the boat in Burgos It was the goal but, as the Barça club is not in any hurry or excessive sports needs, it was not important to wait a few more days for Pau to return to the fields.

The Barça he is one win away from being the mathematical leader of the regular season in the Euroleague. I could get it tomorrow at Istanbul against Fenerbahçe or on the last day at the Palau against Bayern, perhaps already with Pau. In the Endesa League he is two wins from Madrid. Winning in the Clásico on the 11th (6.30pm) would be essential to assault the first place in the domestic competition.

TO Pau lacks precisely that: basketball and competition. He has not played a game since March 10, 2019, when he was a member of the NBA Bucks. His answer is unknown, although his feelings in training have been positive. For now, he will return to the courts with a planned load of minutes. Ten or 15 at the most. It will be his period of filming before facing the final stretch of the season, with the playoffs and the possible Final Four of the Euroleague as major objectives.

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