Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma closed the 2020-21 season last Saturday after falling at Pazo dos Deportes against Río Breogán in the third match of the series between both teams, a farewell with bitter flavor to a memorable year for the Balearic team that has returned to stand in some promotion playoffs and has fought more than brilliantly against one of the best teams in the category, managing to lead him to give his best version to pass the round. Yesterday, Monday, in a private ceremony, the players who have made up the Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma squad said goodbye to the season and said goodbye to each other since there are many who undertake the trip back home with a suitcase full of fond memories and moments that , in one way or another, they will be part of his career in the world of basketball.

Today the countdown begins for the first team to get back on track and, for the second consecutive season, Álex Pérez and Pau Tomàs will be in charge of taking the helm of the team working side by side with Pepe Laso, methodology coordinator at Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma and with Kike Fernández, technical director of the team. For the coach from Cádiz and for the Mallorcan, the season that has recently ended has been the first in the LEB Oro and now they face tremendously excited what will be their second adventure in the second category of Spanish basketball. “I am very happy to continue in the project and continue one more year with Álex working together. I am very grateful for the support and for continuing to work and learn alongside Pepe Laso and Kike Fernández ”, says Pau Tomàs who adds:“ Happy to continue for another year growing as a coach and sharing experiences with Álex. I’m looking forward to next season to start ”. For his part, Álex Pérez points out that “the year has been very fun. It has been a very intense year. I am very happy to be able to renew and to be able to continue one more year in the top category of FEB basketball and more at home since I think that being able to enjoy it together with your family is an important factor “, he adds:” I am very grateful to be able to continue and continue working alongside Pepe and Kike and alongside the work group that we have set up, which I think is very good and enriching ”.

Looking ahead to next year both are excited. “We are going to see what the following season holds for us. This has been very beautiful and has ended with a very good ending and we hope to have an even better season, “says Álex Pérez, who this year highlights” learning. ” “We were totally rookies in the league and the league is teaching you things. It has been a year of adaptation and learning ”while Pau Tomàs points out that they have“ kept learning and being better coaches ”from a year as demanding as the one that has just ended.

With the renewal of the first coaches, the stone of Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma 2021-2022 is laid.