CHima Moneke, BAXI Manresa player, made an ugly gesture to the stands of the Coliseum in Burgos in the victory of his team 82-90 this past Saturday. The 25-year-old Nigerian player dedicated a comb to Burgos fans, whose behavior is always exemplary.

In social networks, Moneke apologized for his mistake and promised to have a better behavior and was also reprimanded by his coach, Pedro Martínez, who would surely reproach him for that gesture in the locker room. “Players should never make derogatory gestures to the public. It is a sign of lack of concentration and respect. We are very sorry for what happened at the end of the game,” the coach wrote on his Twitter account.

Martínez apologized to the fans of Hereda San Pablo Burgos and highlighted his player’s apologies, although he assures that there may be consequences within the club. “I value very much that Chima apologizes later but it is something that under no circumstances can happen again. The Burgos fans were exemplary and they do not deserve such behavior. My excuses and those of my team. We will discuss what happened internally”, the Manresa coach finished.