LHe has been on the benches for more than three decades and 904 matches directed so far in the Endesa League. Pedro Martínez, Baxi Manresa coach, went to Radio MARCA to review his career in our basketball.

Carrying 900 games makes you laugh, but I don’t think about it too much. It means that it is many years and it is the fruit of perseverance, There have been moments of all kinds and it is the merit of making the race long. I did not think to reach so many games, it was never the objective, when I started what I thought was to survive, “he recalled.

The Barcelona coach has been ACB champion with Valencia Basket and Super Cup champion with Herbalife Gran Canaria and has left his mark on all the teams he has passed through. “There will be people who think that I am a normal coach and others who think that I am a good coach, what I think is recognized is that in all the places I have been I have given my maximum. We would all like to win more things, but I have always felt valued, “he said.

“I am not obsessed with training a great, I am very happy to be where I have been and where I am, I do not make myself castles in the air. At the beginning of your career, you may be more excited, but as time goes by, you value the present. Training in the ACB is a privilege “Martinez explained.

The coach is looking for the Playoffs with Baxi Manresa, which adds 13 victories to 8 games for the end of the regular league. “We are happy with how the season is developing. We would like to play the Playoff although it will be very difficult “, ended.

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Via Marca.com