ANDl Inherit San Pablo Burgos has completed a historic season winning three titles, playing the King’s Cup for the first time and qualifying for the Playoff. Joan Peñarroya, coach of the Burgos team, went to Radio MARCA to take stock of some fantastic months. “For those of us who have not won much, these 3 titles mark us in our career,” he said.

“When we got to Burgos if they told me that we had achieved all this at a sporting level, we would say if you had had one more drink, but it has happened like that and we are very happy. Burgos is in a position to continue growing, but that does not mean that next year it will have to win titles again because that can only be asked of two teams in Spain. Having the objective of winning titles leads to disappointment, “said the coach.

Joan Peñarroya’s career has been one of constant growth, first in Andorra, passing through Manresa and these last two seasons in Burgos. “Surely Burgos and Andorra are the best news of Spanish basketball in recent years, they have oxygenated the competition and this helps make the league better. When there is something new it is always easier for you to like them. The key is to do things with common sense and a fantastic human group has come together, “he acknowledged.

His work is not going unnoticed and his name is always linked to numerous projects and rumors. “What I want is to be a coach and I am lucky to have been in the most important domestic league for a few years. The most important thing for you is that they let you work and that you feel recognized and I feel lucky.. It is clear that we would all like projects destined to win it all, but that does not depend on one. I am one of the top rumors every year and in the end things are not so complicated, I hope that in the next few days we will have news of where we are going to be next year “, he sentenced.

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