After once again fulfilling the objective – described by many as a miracle – of remaining in the Endesa Women’s League, Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre has reached an agreement with his coach, Pepe Vázquez, so that he will continue to lead the Bercian team for one more season after becoming the coach with the most matches directed (108) with the club in the highest category of Spanish women’s basketball. The coach from Compostela, who will turn 42 in the next few days, will thus face his fifth season in the Bierzo Alto formation, which he arrived in 2018.

With more than 200 games in competitions of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), he thus confirms himself as one of the coaches with the greatest stability on the benches of the Endesa Women’s League, in which he made his debut in the 2013-2014 season with Ciudad de Burgos and against Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre. He had previously made his debut as head coach in Liga Femenina 2 with Cortegada in 2011 and later expanded his experience in the silver category with Ensino de Lugo and ADBA de Asturias. Apart from his time in Denmark at Hørsholm 79ers and beyond his work as an assistant, he was at CREF Hello! as head coach during the 2016-2017 season.

It will be the technician from Santiago de Compostela, therefore, the one in charge of working a new miracle: achieving permanence in what will be the eleventh season of the team from the town of Boeza in the highest category. Valued at the club and in the competition, he extends his bond until the end of the 2022-2023 season with the intention of establishing the project a little more. After a campaign in which he had to wait until the last day to certify his permanence, he will have to reinvent himself to design a project characterized by youth. Ambition, yes, will also be a basic ingredient.

“The projects that come from the Women’s Challenge League are ambitious”

Speaking to the club, Vázquez claims to feel “content and very happy, as in the previous four years” for this renewal. “The reason is the same as in previous years: to feel comfortable and happy in the place where I am”, highlights the Galician coach, who affirms that he feels “backed and supported by the board of directors and very loved in Bembibre. There are also personal reasons”, acknowledges the Santiago de Compostela coach, aware that “the League is becoming more expensive and complicated”.

For this reason, with a view to the next campaign, the trainer of Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre admits that “the objective is clear: permanence. Every year it is more complicated because the projects that come from the Women’s Challenge League, this year Barça CBS and Jairis, are ambitious and financially strong”, argues the Santiago coach, aware that “the level of the League will presumably rise again and the challenge will be greater. The objective is clear and the idea is clear”, he adds.

The Galician coach, yes, expects greater social and economic support. “That the faithful who are always and have always been in the previous four seasons showing great fidelity get hooked and keep those fans who were at the Bembibre Arena in the last games so that the social mass grows and to have more resources”, the man from Compostela wants, adding that “the directive needs the support not only of the institutions, but also of the business fabric, to carry out the project and be minimally competitive”.

“We have been showing for years that we can be a good showcase”

And it is that the coach of the red team insists that the projects are increasingly ambitious: “Based on the fact that the newly promoted will try to be at least in the middle of the table, the League is going to be very strong. Not only the top three, who always make good squads, but those who are going to represent us in Europe are going to make great squads”, points out Vázquez, knowing that “we, who are the economic Cinderella, will have to reinvent ourselves and work it out.”

In this sense, Vázquez announces that “the squad will be similar to last season’s, with the type of players we can aspire to. Young players will come, with ambition and desire to grow in the League”, specifies the coach of the Bercian squad, who recalls that “we have spent years showing that we can be a good showcase for this type of player. Here they stand out and receive offers that we cannot reach”, highlights the Galician coach, who acknowledges, after the confirmation of the first two casualties, that “I would have liked to renew more players. We will discover others that will make us enjoy ”, he clarifies.